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Web Development Languages

There are those who say that the career in web development is the career of the future. But that reality has changed and we can already say with certainty that today, it is the career of the present. More and more companies, professions and specialists are migrating to the internet, even though their operations continue offline. And this causes the technology market to expand more and more and to all sides.

Today we are going to talk about website development. A function that is increasingly complex and sophisticated. After all, it currently goes beyond the development of websites and also deals with the handling of databases, applications, interface design and the creation of algorithms.

What is web development?

Web development is the area of ​​technology aimed at building websites, applications, databases and any other tools that, in a way, build the internet as we know it today.

In general, the professionals working in these areas are programmers or web developers. These people are trained to understand, handle and use programming languages. They build complex systems aimed at the user’s service.

Know the main languages ​​used in web development

Web development is a very complex area of ​​technology and there are currently dozens of programming languages ​​on the market. Because the more technologies are created, the more technologies there will be.

In addition to the programming languages ​​themselves, there are also libraries, frameworks and APIs, resources that make the day-to-day of the developer easier. It also enables a more friendly creation of websites and applications. Check out the main programming languages ​​used today in web development.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that is capable of, among other functions, developing software that runs on different operating systems without having to modify them. This language is a derivation of the previous C and C ++, very powerful technologies, but a little too complex for today’s standards.


It is used to teach programming to development students. Its creation changed the way websites were developed and used in the 90s, as it was the one that brought more dynamism and interactivity to the internet pages at the time. Due to its great versatility, it is possible to find, through libraries, JavaScript applications even for back-end.


Ruby is an interpreted, multiplatform scripting language. It gained a lot of popularity in the last years after the creation of the Ruby on Rails framework. Because it is very similar to Python, a language whose accessibility is one of its greatest attractions. Ruby also has a very interesting learning curve.


PHP is also an open-source scripting language, focused on back-end programming. The PHP codes are executed on a server, not directly in the browser. It is very suitable for beginners in programming because it is quite simple, at the same time as it has a long list of very professional functions.


Created to optimize the creation of codes and stimulate the productivity of programmers. This language, besides being super complete and comprehensive, has an extremely understandable syntax. Widely used in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Python has a large number of libraries focused on its functions.

Now that you know the main languages ​​it is a good start to learn to program, but know that for this it is necessary to understand, before anything else, that this is a profession that requires constant study and updating.

In the vast majority of times, when building an application, the technologies complement each other. The knowledge about one language ends up being reflected in the knowledge about another. Thus always being on the front line of updates becomes a natural part of the job.

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I want to be a programmer, where do I start to ‘code’?

For enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for a language to study and learn more, it is necessary to know that this choice depends on several factors. The first one is to define the objective, what do you intend to do with it? For there can and will always be one or more options that suit the need and for those just starting out, it can get quite confusing among so many options.

A tip, there is no better programming language than the other, but the most adequate to determine a solution, since each has advantages and disadvantages in relation to the other.

Web programming languages ​​are used to create websites, portals, applications and web systems in general.

What is the job market for a programmer?

Usually, you start learning a programming language because you want to specialize and professionalize yourself to get job placement, often until you get the job of your dreams, working with what you like.

The market for web development services always offers many possibilities, it lacks trained professionals and that is why competition for the best opportunities is usually fierce.

In this case, choosing the programming language you want to specialize in can make all the difference. The list we commented on in this article represents the most popular languages. These have a greater demand for qualified professionals.

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