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MTF and FTM Transgender Hair Transplant for hair loss

It is needless to say that hair transplant technology is useful for every individual despite race, community, and gender. From a couple of years, the number of transgender patients seeking hair transplants has increased. A transgender hair transplant is accessible mainly for a male to female(MTF) and a female to male(FTM) transgender. Transgender Hair transplant is an integral part of the evolution from man to woman and woman to man. This is primarily required for adjusting the hairline to let the hairs grow that suit the gender.

How transgender hair surgery works?

There is no doubt to say that transgender hairline surgery can work to achieve desired results. It is getting popular among the transgender community since it features hairline alteration. If you have converted from MTF, then you need to add more volume and thickness to your hairs. It would require a change in the hairline and flow of hairs. In the context of hair transplant, follicular unit extraction is a proven technique. It can alter the position of your hairline, plus it can alter the hair crown to aid gender changeover. This is a customized treatment that is designed to keep the patient’s evolution in mind.

Is there any difference in male and female hair patterns?

Yes, there is a considerable difference in the male and female hairlines. The difference in hairlines is vital to determine hair transplant procedures. Identification of the difference between male and female hairlines is also crucial to construct natural-looking results. These are the major variations among male and female hair patterns.

Hairline position
Hairline shape
The flow of the hairs
And the aging pattern of the hairline.

The female hairline is usually located forward than the males. A male hairline is back on the forehead that gives the large appearance of the forehead. Males can experience a receding hairline with aging. But, females usually have fewer chances of receding hairline than men’s experience with aging. Women might experience hair loss more than men.

What is an MTF transgender hair transplant?

The popularity of male-to-female transplants is greater than FTM. The major reason behind this popularity is the huge difference between male and female hairlines. However, if you have transformed from male to female, the hair loss from the male pattern will remain to continue. So, it is challenging to achieve natural results in the case of an MTF hair transplant. Though there are two proven techniques, FUE and FUT, that can work amazingly to achieve a male to a female hair transplant. These procedures are good to add density to the hairs and also make them fuller and thicker. However, in the situation of M to F transition, thinning of the scalp can become worse. But, this problem can be addressed using the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. This is a proven technique that can provide you with a feminine touch. The results with this hair transplant technique are natural, and you can experience the growth of hairs to a fuller length.

What is an FTM transgender hair transplant?

If you have transformed from female to male, then you have to improve testosterone by using medications. This will change your female hormones to male hormones. But, the medication might not prove effective when it comes to achieving a proper male pattern hairline. There is another problem of the DHT factor that can become the primary reason for male pattern baldness. It can make an adverse impact on your hairline and cause you to experience shedding of hairs extremely. However, the non-surgical procedure can prove beneficial to provide you with natural-looking hair growth. Again, FUE is the best treatment that can work effectively that can provide you with long-lasting natural results.

What is the cost of transgender hair surgery?

However, the average cost for a transgender hair transplant mainly depends upon the number of grafts required. But, as an average, you can consider the cost that starts with the range of 4000 dollars. Though, it is good to calculate the number of hair grafts required by the hair surgeon. The price of FUE or FUT hair transplants could be evaluated on an average basis. But, if you want an exact quotation, it is good to consult with a professional hair surgeon.

The Bottom Line

transgender hair transplant is good to consider whether you are planning to make a transition. You can consider MTF(male to female) and FTM(female to male) transplants. It is advised to consult with a professional hair restoration clinic to achieve superior outcomes. 

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