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News Items While writing the News | News Items Guide

In answering the questions of six types, every aspect of an incident comes to the fore, but while writing the news, the biggest challenge is to find the answer to these questions and to reach it in its full meaning to the readers. This is a complex process. People usually do many things together. They are with you in times of happiness and sorrow. They accompany them in fairs and festivals.

It means they are with you in times of accidents and calamities. We can put all these in the category of events. Then people have to face many small and big problems. They have to deal with problems like lack of electricity and water in the village, town or city to unemployment and economic slowdown. Similarly people think about the events, trends and processes of their time. consider them and do or can do something about all these.

At the heart of this type of brainstorming process is the reference to their causes, effects and consequences. Ideas, events and problems form the basis of news. When a lot of people are concerned with any event, idea and problem, then it can be said that it deserves to be news. An event, idea, and problem is more likely to become news when it contains some or all of the following elements – factuality, novelty, public interest, timeliness, proximity, impact, readership, policy framework, uniqueness, useful information .

News Items are Given below

1. Factuality –

News is not a flight of one’s imagination. The news is based on a real incident. The biggest challenge before a journalist is how to choose such facts so that the event can be presented to the reader in the same way as it happened. The journalist presents these facts, representing the entire reality of the incident, to the readers through a special kind of intellectual skill. There should not be any tampering of facts in the news or their views should not be tampered with in their presentation and writing.

2. Novelty –

For any event, idea or problem to become news, it is very important that it should be new. It is also said that it is new and that is why there is news. News is what gives information about the latest event. For a daily newspaper, the events of the last 24 hours are news on the common star. For a twenty-four hour television and radio channel, news tends to go stale as fast as it comes. But if there is any new information about a historical event like the Second World War, which our readers were not aware of earlier, then surely this is news for them. Many such things happen in many places of the world which have been present for years but this may be something new to another country and can definitely become news.

3. Public interest –

For an idea, event and problem to become news, it is also necessary that people should be interested in it. They want to know about him. Any event can become news only when a large section of the people are interested to know about it. Naturally, every news organization evaluates the interests of the people in the context of its target audience.

But in the recent years, the process of treading people’s interests and preferences has also accelerated and the media habits of the people are also changing. It can be said that interests are not static, they are dynamic. Sometimes changes come in them, then changes also come in the media. But today the media is playing a big role in bringing about a change in the interests of the people.

4. Timeliness –

For an event to find a place in a news organization as a news, it is necessary to reach the right place i.e. in the news room on time. Broadly speaking, it can be said that it is necessary to be timely. For a daily newspaper, the events that happened yesterday are topical. Usually a daily newspaper has its own deadline (time limit) till which it is able to cover the news. For example, if an early daily newspaper covers news till 12 pm, then for the next day’s edition the twenty-four hours before 12 pm will be current.

Similarly, for a 24-hour television news channel, every moment is the deadline and telecasting the news first is the biggest challenge for it to get ahead in the race. Thus, it is natural for a twenty-four hour television news channel, a daily newspaper, a weekly and a monthly to have different criteria for the time frame of a news, some news is instant, some may be contemporary or even contemporary.

5. Proximity –

The importance of a news item in a news organization, i.e. whether it will be included in the newspaper or bulletin, is also determined on the basis of its coverage area and reader/viewer/audience group. How close did you get? The news importance of each event is largely determined by its locality. The closest one is also the cutest. This is human nature. It is natural that people are more curious to know about the events that happen close to them. One reason for this is to be close and the other reason is that it also affects them. For example, it is natural for the people of a particular colony to be interested in the incident of larceny-robbery. Interested because the incident happened close to them and also because it is related to their own safety.

6. Effect –

The news importance of an event is also determined by its impact. On many occasions, due to the importance of the people associated with an event, its news importance also increases. Naturally the famous and the infamous get more places. Apart from this, the intensity of an event is also estimated from the fact that how many people are being affected by it or how much land is being affected, etc. If ten people are benefiting from a decision of the government, then it is not as big news as the number of people who are benefiting from it is one lakh. Governments take many policy decisions which have no immediate effect but the long-term impact can be significant and from this point of view its news importance should be judged.

7. Readership –

Usually every news has a specific reader/viewer/audience segment. The importance of a news event is also determined by who is the audience of a particular news and how big is its size. These days the influence of the audience in assessing the importance of news is increasing. Social sections with additional purchasing power, which are markets for the advertising industry, tend to get more readable news.

8. Policy Framework –

Various news organizations have a policy regarding selection and presentation of news. This policy is also called editorial line. Editorials are published in newspapers which are written by the editor and his assistant editors. The editorial meeting decides what are the incidents on a particular day that deserve editorial intervention. There is a lot of deliberation in the selection of these subjects. After their determination, what editorial line should be taken on them, it is also decided and after consultation the editors decide what stand or line will be taken on any issue. This is also the stand and line policy of a newspaper.

By the way, many types of articles and news are published in a newspaper and it is not necessary that they are in accordance with the editorial policy. It is essential to have diversity and plurality at the level of ideas in a newspaper. Editorials reflect a newspaper’s policy on various issues. Of course, there is no complete follow-up of editorial policy in news coverage and analysis of articles, but on the whole, editorial policy has an impact on the entire personality of a newspaper.

The pressure of the advertising industry on news organizations has

The pressure of the advertising industry on news organizations has increased significantly in the last few years. With the expansion of the free market system and the spread of consumerism, the advertising industry has expanded tremendously. News organizations have become like any other business and industry and their dependence on the advertising industry has increased greatly. This is having a profound effect on editorial-news content. There are also other economic, social and cultural pressures on the news organization. Similarly, many other pressures also affect its policies. After this the scope or space that remains is that of journalism and freedom of journalists. It depends on their professionalism that how they are able to utilize this scope most effectively.

9. Important information –

Many such information also considered as news which can have some importance for a particular section of the society. These can also be the immediate information needs of the people. For example, when will the schools open, when will the electricity be turning off in a particular colony, what will be the water pressure etc.

10. Uniqueness –

There is an old saying that if a dog bites a man it is not news, but if a man bites a dog, it is news, that is, whatever is not natural or extraordinary in some way, that is news. Hundred bureaucrats honest is not news because they expected to be honest but if one bureaucrat is dishonest and corrupt then it is big news. The construction of a hundred houses is not news. This is a normal construction process but the burning of two houses is news.

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