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Nursing Home Medical Billing | 3 Ways To Boost Patient Satisfaction And Financial Performance

Nursing Home Medical Billing

When you think about patient satisfaction, payments for patients are likely not initially what pops into the forefront of your mind. However, if skilled nursing facility medical billing takes more time to look at the payment procedures for your patients you’ll discover a number of inefficiencies that could be avoided. Nursing home billing companies can cause problems and frustrations for your customers. Eliminating them may be the key to a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for your patients.

You are aware that taking payments from patients can be difficult. The staff who bill are often spending a significant amount of hours each day dealing with fragmented manual processes that could easily be automated and centralized. Let’s look at a few aspects of the payment process for your patients that frustrate your customers and consume your staff’s time. Nursing billing services look at ways to improve them.

Nursing Home Medical Billing


Centralize payment processes

A lot of organizations are still using an array of payment options and processing. Patients can pay using cash, cards, or checks at nursing home billing. However, they may also send a check to the office. They must be batched or scanned and then deposited. If you’re offering an online payment method that accepts card payments and sends payments through an alternative vendor that has a totally distinct process.

Each of these payment options is supposed to make payments for patients more convenient, however, they usually have negative results. They’re confusing and scattered and can make your staff and patients uncomfortable. If you could centralize your payment options, you will make it easier for your staff, and offer your patients greater choices for paying.

Automate bookkeeping processes

Accepting payments is just the first step. Once you have accepted patient payments you must record everything and make sure that your records are correct. The daily balancing process is a time-consuming and tedious job. When reconciling your front desk personnel must pull information from card processors and bank reports, record the amount of cash that is deposited each day, and make sure that all transactions are balanced properly.

What happens if patients require an invoice or a refund for prior treatments? Through a variety of processes, identifying the right answer to this request could take a lot of time. Patients feel abandoned and staff is burdened with extra work that is not needed. If you choose to switch to one source for payment processing, you will remove these inefficiencies, and allow personnel at the desk to concentrate on the needs of your clients.

Create a career ladder plan

  • This will provide your nurses with the opportunity to advance their careers and encourage professional advancement.
  • Offer sources that support continuing learning (CE) courses
  • Encouraging your nurses to keep up-to-date with evidence-based practices and the latest developments in clinical practice will help to ensure high-quality healthcare.

Develop competency in the facility

  • Lunch and learn Preceptor workshops, and live-time coaching are all practical and effective ways to enhance capabilities and increase knowledge.
  • You could consider the possibility of an in-person LPN in the RN program
  • If participants of the program agree to the same length of time at your facility You can actively promote nursing retention while also advancing professional development.

Provide tuition reimbursement

Supporting the education advancement of nurses does more than improve the standard of care provided to residents, it also shows your nurses that you appreciate them, makes them more committed, and also attracts new employees.

  • Be sure to check back for the next blog article in this series, where we’ll provide strategies for empowering your nurses!
  • Patients should pay for their services over time instead of all at once.
  • A recent study revealed that the majority of patients put off or do not attend appointments due to expenses, which can lead to more expensive care issues. They could be:
  • Hospital visits for emergencies
  • More hospital readmissions
  • Unfavorable treatment results (causing the need for a repeat or additional treatment)

The payment process of the patient affects the experience overall

Based on a recent research survey, half of the patients stated that they had not paid their bills following a negative payment experience. If patients aren’t sure about the amount they owe or have poor experiences during the process of paying it is more likely to drop the ball on their payment rather than put themselves through more hassles and work.

nursing home billing companies If you make it easy and simple for your patients to pay, they’ll be more likely to honor their obligations. Offering nursing home billing easy-to-read patient statements that explain the exact amount they’re paying could be extremely effective in helping clients pay their debts. When you make this process more convenient by offering accessibility to payment online 24/7 digital patient statements, and direct access to your payment portal, you’ll be able to collect even more payments from patients without using up the billing staff’s precious time.

Although it’s not the only reason that patients don’t pursue treatment, it’s an issue for many. This is the reason why payments are so beneficial. They help patients access healthcare and help ease the fears or anxiety that is often related to payments. With the increasing amount of payment responsibility by the patient the more you assist patients in managing their finances and budgets, the better their overall health (and the bottom line of your business) will be.

Provide automated payment plans

How do you manage the payment of patients? Does the responsibility for monitoring payment schedules fall to your personnel? If payment plans aren’t automated the front desk and billing staff is charged with maintaining track of each patient’s payment plan as well as notifying patients of when the due date is and ensuring that the payment has been made, or if they are not received on time. Medcare MSO nursing home medical billing and coding helps all organizations including billing agencies, as well as healthcare professionals, simplify their payment procedures for patients each day.

Patients are looking for transparent pricing and expectations for payment. They also are looking for:

  • An in-depth understanding of their situation
  • The steps that they should implement to improve their overall health
  • Simple, easy, and stress-free payment procedures
  • The possibility of tackling high costs for treatment is to use an installment plan

These things demonstrate to patients that they are truly cared for. If providers offer these services or payment choices, patient satisfaction rises. If these options aren’t offered in care, they are more likely to be unhappy.

Patients who are unhappy tend to be less inclined to cover their medical expenses in full, or at any time. There are a variety of methods to improve patient satisfaction and improve the efficiency of your revenue cycle management as well as the quality of care and more.

Prioritize your intervention plans

Infections don’t happen exclusively. In the case of your organization and the size of your facility, it’s not uncommon to deal with multiple outbreaks and a large number of affected people at one time. If you are able to administer several intervention programs and plans, you must know which ones to prioritize. Keep using these records to improve your control and prevention strategies over time.

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