OnePlus Buds Z – Review & Unboxing

OnePlus Buds Z – Review & Unboxing

Today in this post et’s unbox and review the OnePlus Buds Z  truly wireless Bluetooth earphones. let me help you make a purchase decision. We know oneplus had earlier launched the regular oneplus buds which are half in your design like the original airpods but this time they have the buds which are full in-ear earbuds with silicon tips. The oneplus compete with the wide range of truly wireless earphones available in the market with its bud z.

let’s find out by taking a look at the box the oneplus but z come in a red and white colored packaging and this is all that we get in the box?

Physical overview:

Physical overview of the back of the charging case. There is a USB type-c port for charging and a reset button. On the front, we get a red light which closes while the case is being charged then inside the case. We have the magnetic charging contact paints on the earbuds we find the touch area microphone and on the back, get the charging contacts.

Build quality:

The build quality of the case is made up of plastic which looks good enough. It comes in a glossy white color which doesn’t look cheap at all the magnet is quite strong enough and manages to hold the earbuds firmly in its place the earbuds. It is also made up of good quality plastic and feels premium and looks kind of similar to the Apple iPods. so overall I was satisfied with the build quality.


The touch controls worked really well as claimed by the company the touch area is big enough and is easily accessible by default double-tapping these touch surfaces skip to the next track. You can also tap and hold to switch between paired Bluetooth devices and the buzzy feature and in-ear detection to automatically pause or regime playback when you remove or place them in your ears the call quality on the buzz z was very good .

No complaints from the receiver’s end the dual-mic design includes wind and noise reduction during calls but there’s obviously no active noise cancellation for audio playback but there is passive noise isolation so it’s also worth noting that these are ip55 water and sweat resistant.


The Bluetooth range was really good. No, hiccups or disconnection even when I move to the next room as these are equipped with advanced bluetooth 5. Connectivity of the earphones to your phone was very quick and easy simply open the earphones case with the earphones in it then turn on the bluetooth on your smartphone and locate oneplus buds and then click connect to pair your earbuds with your phone.


The bud z is supposed to last 5 hours on a single charge and up to 20 hours on a case. The earbuds combined but  YOU to listen to music for about four hours before running out of juice as for the charging time.i managed to charge the earphones from zero to a hundred percent in under one hour but with just 10 minutes of fast charging .you can get up to three hours of music playback which is very impressive coming to the comfort there are three different tips included with this earphone.

I imagine one of them will fit your ears nicely I use the default tapes and have had no problems whatsoever the earbuds are angled slightly forward. so that sound feed directly into your skull and they stain my ears most of the time I haven’t had any discomfort from these earbuds and the silicone tips are soft.

Sound quality:

The sound quality the oneplus buzz z sound really good in my opinion. the one-centimeter dynamic driver pumps out a good amount of bass and with a punch to it .if you’re a bass lover then these won’t get you disappointed. the highs were a bit screechy and lag crispiness in high volumes while these make the birds z sound warmer than analog the mids.

On the other hand, were very good to my liking the vocals sounded very crisp and clear but again at high volume, the vocals got kinda lost in the trebles. you can also use one earbud at a time if you don’t want to use both the earbuds it works well with calls and music although you won’t get that stereo effect that you get while using both the earbuds. I would rate the bird z 8 out of 10 purely on a music basis and 8.5 out of 10 for the build quality.

SO Conclusion:

The buds is a nice set of earphones from oneplus without burning a hole in the pocket. I would highly recommend the buzz z for those who prefer earbuds with silicone tapes premium design. this onplus bud z  is the best  Bluetooth earphone under 3000. Those who prefer more bass-heavy sound but if you’re someone who prefers neutral frequency response in your music or balance sound then you can pay a little extra. You go with the oneplus buds z.


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