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Online, you can sell 20 different types of handmade items

Our mission at Veaves online store is centred on caring.

Handmade products businesses are becoming more and more popular. However, before starting your own home-based business, you’ll need to come up with some homemade things to sell. There are several categories available to help you attract buyers on platforms like as Etsy, Amazon, or your own ecommerce store. Here are a few popular handcrafted things that you can sell on the internet.


Caring is at the heart of Veaves’ online store’s mission. We are dedicated to doing all possible to revive the art of hand weaving and embroidery, to celebrate it as it once was, and to reintroduce it into people’s daily lives.

Veaves’ goods are designed with the “Wabi Sabi” philosophy in mind. These artistic drawings elegantly represent beauty in its imperfection, illustrating how life can be happy and tranquil even in the middle of a less-than-perfect environment. We want our consumers to enjoy the thrill of having a limited-edition handwork & hand woven.

Popular Handmade Items you’ll Sell-


Clothing is one of the foremost popular categories for Veaves handmade products, since it can encompass numerous various things . you’ll stitch various garments from scratch or even upcycle older items into new and improved clothes. You’ll also be able to paint, embroider, or print your own designs on T-shirts and other clothing.


When it involves hand-crafted decorations, handmade dupatta, stoles & handmade unisex stoles are incredibly popular. To make them genuinely distinctive, you’ll knit or crochet them, use some interesting fabric and sew them together, or even embroider or decorate them. A Handmade Dupatta is not only a gorgeous item of apparel, but it is also an important part of India’s cultural environment. The dupatta is a shawl-like drape that ladies often wear as a complement to their traditional handwoven dupatta.


Jewelry is another popular category that has several differing kinds of things . you’ll buy some beads and string them together to make necklaces and bracelets. you’ll create unique designs out of wire. you’ll make interesting pieces out of fiber. otherwise you’ll even blow your own glass to make truly unique beaded creations.


Love painting? Add your designs to plain canvases and list them purchasable online. you’ll sell anything from abstract work to intricate portraits or even painting paintings.


Sculpture is another kind of art that you simply simply can create and sell online. you’ll sculpt your compute of clay or even put something in conjunction with found objects.

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Dolls make great keepsakes, gifts for teenagers and even collectible items. you’ll craft your own dolls out of fabric , fiber, plastic or the opposite materials you’ve lying around. Then you’ll sell them online to those trying to seek out kids’ gifts or keepsakes.

Wooden Toys

If you’re a talented woodworker, you’ll even use your tools to put together wooden toys for teenagers . Wooden cars, blocks and even larger play areas are fashionable parents and other people trying to seek out handmade gifts online.


You can also create and sell hats that accompany your handmade scarves. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are all skills that may be used to make a handmade hat.

Hair Accessories

If you’re trying to seek out a smaller kind of handmade item to sell online, hair accessories are often an honest because of go. you’ll make headbands, clips, pins and various other accessories. Then you’ll embellish or decorate them during an ingenious way.


Handmade vendors are popular for selling beautiful pillows and pillow covers. Find or design a cute fabric and stitch it to suit around your pillow stuffing or a typical pillow size if you’d wish to only sell the covers.


If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you may also make some curtains out of unusual cloth. Otherwise, you’ll decorate or embroider the curtains to create something absolutely unique.


While it would be an extended , complicated process to make full sized rugs by hand and ship them bent online buyers, you’ll make smaller rugs and mats by weaving or using similar techniques and more easily sell them to people who want to feature small, unique touches to their décor.


There are many various ways you’ll create blankets by hand. you’ll knit, crochet, stitch, quilt or use any number of other techniques. you’ll even offer personalization options if you sell things like baby blankets and buyers want to feature a reputation or other details


Certainly a more difficult procedure, but if you have woodworking or upholstery skills, you may make furniture and sell it online. However, you’ll need to account for delivery and either price accordingly or concentrate on selling smaller handcrafted products in your online shop.


There are many various kinds of pins that you simply simply can easily make by hand and sell online. you’ll create unique designs and switch them into regular buttons. you’ll make some more complex enamel pin designs. Otherwise, you’ll put together something more complicated and beautiful using some fascinating items.


If you’ve all the right materials, you’ll make your own handsoap and even soap and sell it online. you’ll even add essential oils or unique fragrances to truly make your handmade soaps stand out.


Likewise, you’ll create some unique fragrance combinations and use them to make your own candles. you’ll even use interesting moulds or jars to form candles that are also interesting decorative items.


Bags are available all different shapes and sizes. You may make everything from totes and baby bags to wallets and clutches if you know how to use a sewing machine or comparable techniques.

Pet Toys

Some people also wish to get handmade goods for the four-legged members of their families. you’ll stitch dog or cat toys or even put together pillows or beds for them to urge on.


When it comes to selling handcrafted products, one sector that is sometimes ignored is books. You’ll write your own stories or construct diaries or other products that others may personalise. You’ll also hand-bind them to ensure that they’re genuinely one-of-a-kind.

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