Perfect virtual wedding invitation

Perfect virtual wedding invitation

One of the first and most important steps in planning your perfect virtual wedding day is to decide how you will invite your wedding guests. We strongly urge you not to consider doing so via text or email. Surely one of the most important days of your life deserves a little more time, effort, formality, and elegance? Remember your wedding invitation reflects your style and tastes and sets the tone for your big day!

So once you realize the importance of reality, what on earth would you send as opposed to a virtual, wedding invitation?

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Well, don’t panic. There is a nice array of styles and layouts that will impress your guests too. Pop fold wedding invitations are the most popular and one that the bride always says ‘I do’.

We love these. And so do thousands of brides and grooms around the world. From Canada to Canberra, pocket folds are floating through letterboxes everywhere!

Beautiful and practical

So amazing about these wonderful wallets is that they look elegant but they are also very practical.

An inner pocket for inserting into the folds of a common pocket, a place for invitations, and then a fold-over flap that can be tied with a beautiful ribbon or secured in other ways.

Pocketfold option

These wedding invitations come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and card finishes. The most popular is the A6 rectangular version, followed by a stylish square or DL   option. It’s really a matter of personal preference and taste. There is nothing wrong or right because they are all awesome.

You can also choose from an impressive selection of cardstocks, including smooth, pearl, embossed, metallic, and any color you want.

The beauty of Bespoke

If you have a specific design in mind, it is best to find a wedding stationery specialist of your choice, who can take your ideas and create a wedding invitation that is fully tailored to your exact needs. Fold your pocket wedding invitations can then be designed to your unique theme, scheme, color, and style.

Of course, you can buy a standard design from an online company but you may not get what you want. If you can afford it, a specialized company is best. Just go online and find a local wedding stationery specialist. This is even better if you can meet and talk to someone in person. It is always a good idea to look at the original samples so that you can evaluate the quality of what you are offering. Places like eBay have a lot of cheap products and you really get what you pay for!

So whether you are going for vintage with lace, hessian with worn chic, or modern monogram. And tell your wedding guests about your great taste!

What do you think about a virtual wedding card?

We all live in a world where things have become simpler and easier due to constant technology innovation. People do a lot with a simple push of a button and other remote-controlled gadgets. From the rule of thumb, we are all now moving towards a more advanced lifestyle.

Perfect virtual wedding invitation
Perfect virtual wedding invitation

Letters no longer land in your mailbox but instead send via email. Computer-to-computer communication is via Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and other social services. With the popularity of Facebook and multiplayer, wedding announcements are usually posted on their social networking sites, leaving behind the use of a formal wedding card.

Well, technically speaking, it’s not just through various social networking sites that marriage announcements usually occur. Many websites offer virtual wedding cards and are usually available for free.

Since most of their friends and relatives may be abroad or just internet junkies like others. Just a few clicks on a computer and voila! An instant e-wedding card is certainly ready for distribution via the World Wide Web.

While there is an argument for using virtual wedding invitations through conventional cards, there are also pros and cons. But what others don’t know is that they can actually combine these two types of wedding cards into a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding invitation.

 Here’s how you should do it:
  1. Find the best virtual wedding card website on the internet. Make sure customization is free.
  1. Follow the instructions on how to bring a beautifully designed wedding card. Look for realistic ornaments and combine them with text.
  1. Create interesting and memorable wedding sounds. These usually become the couple’s wedding vows.
  1. Finally, print the finished wedding invitations. However, if the site only offers free layout and printing is prohibited or with the required fee, learn how to do the print screen technique and you can print it.

Virtual wedding cards may seem attractive to most married couples but what you don’t know is that traditional wedding cards still rule.


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