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Pokemon Illustrator-Is it the most unusual Pokemon card for sale?

Just after Pokemon’s launch in Japan in 1997, there was a little-known drawing competition. The competition has held a total of 3 times in 1997 in Japan.  This card is known as “Illustrator” or “Pikachu Illustrator” because it is sometimes called.

Is this really the rarest Pokemon card sale in history?

I believe the answer is a definite “yes”. This is by far the rarest Japanese Pokemon card for sale of all time and I would say it is the rarest pokemon card for sale in the world. A total of only six of these cards were made. But to make it even rarer, most of the cards give to very young children. The only one I saw give to a 6-year-old boy.

 So, how many of the 6 cards that issue 13 years ago still exist today?

And in what condition? No one knows for sure, but in 13 years I’ve released these 1 or 2 cards that I’ve follow Pokemon. The 32.500.00 currently on sale is a small fortune for most of us, but the price steadily rising since the card was created in 1997. It is very rare to consider that the card gives to very young children.

The card has a beautiful holofoil call “Illustrator” instead of “Instructor” at the top of the card.  Also, it has a paintbrush logo instead of a series mark on the bottom of the card.

Other people argue that some other rare Japanese Pokemon cards are just as rare. For example, Pikachu Trophy Instructor no. 1 Card, Super Secret Battle Mewtwo First Place Gold Trophy Card, or Tropical Mega Battle No. 1 trainer comes to mind with Exeggutor.

These are all very rare Japanese promo cards and each product in extremely small quantities, but I still want to say that Pikachu Illustrator has to be the rarest Pokemon card for sale of all time, just because the card seems almost impossible to find. The other cards appear at a great time at once and each card costs around 4000-7000, but Illustrator is the king of them all in my book.

Pokemon – I’ve caught them all

Japan is the origin of Pokemon, and the country of spinoff in terms of games and toys, so it is no surprise that Japan did not sell Pokemon Fortress for sale and popularity. The second one after Japan is not the rest of Asia (although the Pokemon animation dub in most languages and the game is available and popular), but rather North America and Europe, especially the previous ones where gameplay is intense and enthusiastic fans do many events.

Merchandising of Pokemon seems to divide between an older and younger crowd: the older crowd (teenagers) is much more for gaming and much less for buying stuffed toys, animations, and Pokemon game cards. 

Gamers often develop favorite characters.

Sometimes buy a Pokemon stuffed toy. Especially now, the release of Pokemon Black and White has literally started a new Pokemon Rage, with older gamers, as well as more traditional-themed young people, buying Pokemon Black and White plush toys, Pokemon Jukan and Tommy Figure, and Pokemon as cards. Is seen. Nintendo has a big hit to do anything with the Black and White series.

In Russia, Pokemon ban for a while for obscure reasons, but Russian-dubbed Pokemon animation and other Pokemon products are now back on the market. Although Pokemon do not seem to have captured the imagination of Russian youth as much as Nintendo would like. 

Nevertheless, Russia is the exception

In other areas, such as the Middle East. Pokemon have shown the same craze popularity as elsewhere but in some places, cards ban due to local law. In England, there have been some problems for a while due to fights between young people over Pokemon cards but the situation has now calmed down. Seems to have returned to normal.

Not so surprising with its own mind-blowing deities in predominantly Hindu India. Pokemon has been a national frenzy for years, with shops unveiled in all major cities selling animation. Pokemon products are dub in both Hindi and Tamil.

The frenzy is subsid for the time being but it is my guess that sales boun to increase again with the introduction of Pokemon Black and White. It seems that India involves.

In other parts of Asia such as the Philippines and Thailand

Pokemon merchandising has not yet seen the success that merchants would like but like other places animation is very popular. And where animation is popular merchandising usually follows (I call it Disney Standard).  Pokemon games and products are also popular in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, on a par with Europe.


Here are the 5 best cards from the new Pokemon TCG expansion pack “vivid voltage booster box“. Released on November 13th, there will be over 185 new cards. Will this be the next hottest Pokemon TCG release? Here are the details of the top 5 cards to look for.

There is a new set of Pokemon cards coming out of Japan next week. On November 13th, the official release of the vivid voltage booster box, which combines the Japanese release Legendary Heartbeat and Amazing Volt Tackle, will take place. Featuring our favorite chunky Pikachu front and center, there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces to note.

 It will go on sale to participating retailers on November 13, 2020.

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