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Reason and Solution For Cash App Payment Pending

Cash App Payment Pending

There is no doubt that Cash App is a popular payment app. But being popular doesn’t mean that things always go in the right direction. People who use Cash App hate to see one thing. And that is Status- Cash App Payment Pending. However, undoubtedly, the Square Cash app is a fast, secure and reliable payment app. It handles most of the transactions perfectly. Whether you need to send money or receive your contacts, most payments are done seamlessly without any delays or hassles. But to say that every payment on Cash App never fails may be an exaggeration.

To make matters worse, cash app payments are on the rise these days. Sadly, the issue is not limited to simple cash app payments or transfers. An appalling fact is that sometimes the payment through Cash App Direct Deposit also shows pending status. I wouldn’t be surprised if you say that your stimulus checks, tax refunds and unemployment direct deposits are also pending on the Cash App.

When we realized that the huge growth in Cash App Transfer failed and pending payments increased, we thought it would be a good idea to write on the topic. The below articles are going to help you understand why payments on Cash App get pending status and how you can fix such issues in simple steps. If you want to fix pending payment or failed payment problem through experts, you can contact us. Or, you can continue reading this helpful post.

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How to cancel payments which are pending on Cash App?

Let’s talk first: What does it mean if your payment is pending on Cash App? Transaction Pending status can have two meanings: One is the amount that has been debited from the account but is stuck in the pipeline and has not yet been received by the recipient. Secondly, the amount is not debited from the account in the first instance. In this case, canceling the pending payment is the most logical thing you can do.

How to cancel the pending payment of Cash App? This could be your next question. Follow the steps given below to cancel the incomplete payment on Cash App.

  • Open Cash app on your phone.
  • Now from the bottom right corner, select the icon of the seen shape (your activity tab).
  • The next screen will show you all your recent and past payments.
  • Scroll down and up to find and select Cash App Pending Payment.
  • After opening the payment, check the status. If it is pending, tap the Cancel button.
  • If you don’t see the Cancel button, tap the three-dot icon available in the upper-right corner.
  • Also, if you want to cancel the pending payment then select the Cancel tab.

Cash App payment completed but not received- Why?

Now let’s come back to our main topic. Sometimes, a rare thing happens like Cash App payment completed but not received by the recipients. These are the possible reasons why you may be facing such issues on Cash App.

  • You have exceeded the total receiving limit on Cash App. Note that the Cash app comes with a limit. One can send up to a pre-determined limit. Any verified Cash App user can remit $7500 in a week. Any outgoing transaction that exceeds the limit is likely to get a pending status. There is no limit on receiving payments on Cash App.
  • On the other hand, if you are an unverified Cash App user, your sending and receiving limits will be quite low. You cannot send more than $250 in a week and receive no more than $1000 in a month. Any payment in excess of the limit may result in failure or raising of a pending position.

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Why is my Cash App unemployment direct deposit pending?

Unemployment benefits are subject to a number of terms and conditions. Make sure you fulfill the three important conditions mentioned below.

  • You should be out of work not because of your fault.
  • Minimum income or job duration requirements
  • You must be competent, available and actively looking for a job.

If you meet the criteria above and have applied for unemployment benefits but still haven’t received compensation, I recommend contacting your state’s unemployment insurance program. If everything seems fine to you and no discrepancy is found then make sure you have enabled the Cash App to deposit correctly. Take it seriously that Cash App users need to find their Cash App routing number and Cash App bank name. Also, make sure you have verified your identity on the Cash App. Also, order and activate the Cash App card as without it you cannot activate the direct deposit service on the Cash App. Find out more in the next section.

Why is my direct deposit pending on Cash App?

Users can do more with Cash App Direct Deposit. It lets you get salaries, tax refunds and incentive checks from the IRS directly from your employer. All types of payments through Direct Deposit may be delayed due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect Cash App routing number and wrong Cash App bank name or bank account number entered are the primary reasons for non-payment.
  • Remember that one can only get $10000 per day through direct deposit. Any direct deposit payment in excess of the limit will inevitably fail or be stuck indefinitely. If you are expecting more than the given limit, you can split the payment into two parts.
  • Using an older version of the Cash App can also be a reason for delay in payment.
  • Non-compliance with the Cash App terms or indulging in any objectionable activities on Cash App may result in debarring you from making payments through Direct Deposit.

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How long does a pending direct deposit take on Cash App?

Generally, Cash App processes direct deposit payments between 4-5 working days. However, sometimes, due to festive season or weekend holiday, users can see payments with pending status.

How do I accept pending payment on Cash App?

Interestingly, the pending payment can be confirmed at any time. But, there is no fixed time limit for this. So, instead of waiting for an unlimited amount of time, you better cancel the pending payment as mentioned in the above section and resend the payment. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions given below to fix Cash App payment pending issue in simple steps?

  • Go to the Google Store or App Store and update your application.
  • Make sure your device is getting enough internet signal.
  • Make sure you are not violating any term of Cash App.
  • If you have tried everything but the Cash App payment issue is not resolved, then you can talk to a Cash App representative.

Final Say

That all cash app payment was pending. In line with our aim to help all Cash App users, we discussed how you can fix Cash App direct deposit pending issue. If you follow all the steps carefully, you will get rid of all kinds of pending payment issues. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or assistance.


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