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Remedies for improving your life using only wild pure organic honey

Raw or wild pure organic honey is quite different from generally processed honey that is usually found in markets. When raw honey is processed, many natural minerals and enzymes annihilate that are found in natural honey. Organic honey is gently warm when need to mix in tea and hot beverages. When we heated it high temperature it loses its properties. No doubt, there are so many remedies through which you can improve your health by using pure honey. Here are some well-known remedies and benefits both as a dietary supplement and as a direct health benefit.

Lemon with Honey- Relief Cold

This remedy includes honey and lemon that can cause relief in fever and chill symptoms associated with the common cold.

Cinnamon and pure natural honey Good for overall fitness

Here is a remedy that naturally boosts your health by incorporating cinnamon and honey that may help in combating hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Ginger-honey Best for Stomach Sore

Of course, ginger is proved to be good to reduce swelling as well as slowing down the biochemical pathways associated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Ginger also helps to be the circulation. Mixing it with honey in this remedy makes it perfect for stomach upset.


Clove-honey: Effective for Toothache

This prescription consists of honey and clove. Clove contains a very strong anesthetic chemical called eugenol. Eugenol, like honey, is a disinfectant that helps kill germs that can cause infections. Living Eugenol is 20 times richer than other sources.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey: Acid Reflux

An unexpected amalgamation to help with acid reflux, apple cider vinegar is proved to be better to improve digestion and mineral absorption, which helps reduce acid reflux. Use this tonic daily for relaxation.

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar: Control High Cholesterol

Research shows that wild pure organic honey eliminates fat and cholesterol in the tissues of the body. This is an ideal recipe that is the best source of weight loss. Those who want to get rid of their obesity can use this remedy.

Honey and Ginger Cleanse: Sinuses

Prescription for using a mixture of fresh ginger juice and honey two to three times a day to remove bone congestion. This remedy provides good results to relieve cognition.

Honey and Pineapple: Smoking Cessation

Surely, pineapple is rich in vitamin C. It can lead to a deficiency in smokers. Chewing pineapple and then drinking honey, as mentioned here, can also help reduce the urge to smoke.

Honey Heel Moisturizer: Dry, Cracked Heels

Prescription to add honey, milk, and orange to help dry, cracked heels. Milk is vital for healthy skin. It is full of vitamin A that helps repair and build skin tissues. Orange acts as a natural chemical peel in removing dry skin.

Reduces Skin Dryness with Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub

The texture of brown sugar makes it perfect for removing dry skin. Combine honey with sugar for a moisturizing exfoliant for your skin.

Honey and Yogurt Face Mask the Best treatment of Acne

Of course, yogurt helps reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s natural PH balance. It is rich in probiotics. Combined with honey, this mask will also promote anti-inflammatory properties to fight acne.

Drinking honey is useful for joint pain

Coconut oil contains a lot of electrolytes that can help with dehydration, which is a major cause of muscle soreness. This drink contains lemons and honey which together increase energy.

Honey and Lemon: Effective for Weight Loss

Of course, pure natural honey combining lemon and hot water is very effective in weight loss. Few recent investigations in the World Journal of Nutrition Research and Science have concluded that honey is helpful in weight loss.

Relief Anxiety with Honey and Orange

Research shows that oranges have a calming effect and can help with fatigue, tiredness, and anxiety. Combined with honey, this recipe is best for fighting anxiety. Citrus oils have also been shown to be concentrated and alert.

Relief your Abdominal Pain by organic Honey

A recipe that includes a mixture of celery seeds, ground leaves, and honey daily before lunch and dinner. Bay leaves and celery seeds are shown to be helpful in stomach ulcers and colic.

Pure natural Honey and Castor Oil: Relieves Hiccups

Hiccups are caused by involuntary contractions of your diaphragm and the ingredients in this prescription are anti-spasmodic, which cause relief.

Honey, Cinnamon improves Poor Circulation

A mixture of tea helps poor circulation by boosting blood flow. Trikatu is successful in treating dyspepsia and assists in appropriate circulation.

Honey and Cinnamon: Eczema

Researches show that pure natural honey can heal damaged skin in severe cases of eczema. It also eradicates the dry blotch and regenerates new skin growth. This recipe incorporates cinnamon for additionally healing traits.

Benefits of pure natural honey

  • Rich in anti-bacterial properties

Raw honey does not contain any bacteria, a fact first documented by Hippocrates. Bees add an enzyme that makes a ‘natural hydrogen peroxide, which causes honey to swell. This enzyme ensures that no fungal eggs or traits are present.

  • Lessen the possibility of cancer and heart diseases

Certainly, unprocessed honey is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. These assists reduce the level of free radicals in the body and better the immune system. It allows the immune system to focus on impaired cells in the body.

  • Lesson ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders

One of the important benefits of organic honey is that it is proved helpful to reduce the presence of ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

  • Provides moisturization to the skin and hair.

Being a humectant, it naturally moisturizes the skin and hair. Humectants are a crucial active ingredient in most high-quality skin and hair care products.

  • Strengthens the immune system

The naturally occurring flavonoids and antioxidants found in raw organic honey boost the human immune system. These antioxidants help reduce the level of ‘free radicals in the body, which in turn helps the immune system to do what it needs to do, repairing the cells that carry oxygen around the body. Allow better flow.


There is no doubt that wild pure organic honey is being used for thousands of years to benefit health issues. Of course, honey is the pure substance of nature that may help different kinds of ailments. So, must keep this pure food in your daily intake and stay healthy.

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