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Samsung Smart Switch

You have got the latest Galaxy phone and it’s awesome. But what’s not so dangerous is that each one of your old photos, videos, and contacts is gone. Well, your worry is over because the Samsung Smart Switch allows you to transfer all of your content from your old phone to your new Galaxy phone without interruption. The smart switch will transfer data from most Android or iOS phones and from some older Windows and BlackBerry devices. you’ll buy USB cables and auxiliary storage devices (micro SD or USB flash drive) from our website.

smart switch

Smart Switch allows you to transfer content from your old phones to Galaxy devices only. Supported items may change counting on the connected device.

Transfer content wirelessly from an Android phone

Wireless switching is the best way to copy your data to a replacement phone. It’s fast and allows you to stay connected to the phone charger while switching.  First, confirm the Smart Switch app is installed on both phones and connects them to their chargers. Once you are ready, place the phone within 4 inches. Launch the smart turn on both phones. Tap Send data on the old phone, tap Get data on the new phone, then tap Wireless on both phones. On your new phone, you’ll need to choose the sort of your old phone. Follow any instructions on the screen as some sorts of devices may have extra steps. A list of selected data to modify with the smart switch Next, let the old phone complete the connection by tapping. From your new phone, select the content you would like to manoeuvre, then tap Transfer. Once the transfer is complete, tap Done on the new phone and you’re good to travel.

Transfer content with a USB cable

Cable switching is best for people that don’t have an outsized amount of knowledge on their old phones because it doesn’t allow them to be attached to your phone charger while switching. If you’ve got an outsized amount of knowledge or text messages worth years to transfer, we recommend performing a wireless transfer instead. A USB-OTG adapter with Galaxy S10, S10, S10E, Note 10, Note 10 5G, and Z Flip is provided within the box. Connect the phone with the USB cable of the old phone.

Most cables require you to use a USB-OTG adapter. If you’ve got a lightning bolt to USB-C or a USB-C cable from USB-C you’ll not need an adapter, it’ll fit into your new Galaxy. Launch the smart turn on both phones. Tap to send data on the old phone, tap Get data on a new phone, then tap cable on both phones. Samsung Smart Switch scans old phone for switchable content

Select the info you would like to transfer to the new phone. An estimate of the transfer time is displayed. If the transfer takes quite an hour, you’ll have to use a wireless switch that will charge both phones during the transfer. When you are able to start, tap Switch. When finished, tap Done on the new phone, and shut on the old phone.

Samsung Smart Switch Download for Windows

The Samsung Smart Switch latest update 2021 for Windows is 4.2.21013.13 as of the update by 29th January 2021.

  • 4.2.21013.13
  • 4.2.20113.5
  • 4.2.20072_4
  • 4.2.20013_2
  • 4.2.19071_4
  • 4.2.18124_4
  • 4.2.18091_6
  • 4.2.18052_28
  • 4.2.18034_11

Samsung Smart Switch Download for Mac

The Samsung Smart Switch latest update 2021 for Mac as of the update by 19th June 2020.


Samsung Smart Switch Download for Android

The Samsung Smart Switch latest update 2021 for android as of the update by 27th January 2021.


Step guide to share files between Samsung Galaxy devices

  • First, You want to download and install the latest version of the Smart Switch Mobile app on both of your Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • Before you start the process make sure to place both phones within 50cm distance (at least).
  • After your devices are connected, the list of data types will appear.
  • Choose your data types and click on the ‘Transfer’ option.

Features of Samsung Smart Switch Download

  • Fully free support to Samsung Smart Switch Download
  • Support all of the Samsung devices to get data from any other device
  • Wireless data sharing for any sort of content through Smart Switch
  • Wired data sharing with involved Smart Switch PC (compatible with Windows PC and Mac PC)
  • Everything comes in a very supportive work interface
  • Smart Switch receives updated regularly to maintain a very encouraging work frame
  • Support iOS, Android, Windows Phone/ PC and Mac in another platform compatibility
  • Require no Android root or any other mods installed to function

Benefits of Samsung Smart Switch

  • Free content transfer service, simple download process.
  • One-stop content transfer.
  • Simply-to-use, intuitive flow.
  • Easy, do-it-yourself process.
  • Smart application matching and recommendation system.

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