Should I get a lawyer for a dog bite attack?

Each year the United States witnesses more than 4.7 million dog bite attack incidents. Over 800,000 dog bite victims require medical care as they have suffered injuries.

A professional dog bite lawyer is a specialized personal injury lawyer that helps victims recover compensation from the responsible parties after getting injured in a dog bite or dog attack incident.

Statistics show that California is one of the leading states with regards to dog bites and dog attack injuries and fatalities. The state files the highest dog bite lawsuits in the country.

With regards to dog bites and attacks, California is a “strict liability state”. The California dog bite law imposes strict liability on the owners of the canines in case of an attack or bite.

It follows the strict liability statute which holds the owner of the dog responsible for any injuries or damages, even if the canine had never bitten before. It means the owners are held responsible for their pet’s actions even if their pets showed no signs of aggression or violence earlier.

The only exception to the strict liability statute is when the dog attack or bite was a result of provocation by demonstrating cruelty towards the animal, or when the person is bitten while committing a crime or trespassing private property. However, in most cases, dog owners can be held financially liable for any dog bite or attack injuries or fatality. 

Dog bites can be serious and have a devastating impact. A victim of a dog bite attack can file a lawsuit and receive compensatory damages for medical expenses, cost of hospitalization if any, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental trauma, therapy etc. 

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Why should you hire a dog bite lawyer?

Statistics show that less than one percent of dog bite victims get compensated for their injuries or losses suffered. This is the main reason you need to hire a dog bite lawyer so that they can ensure you receive your due compensation. As seen above more than 4.7 million dog bite instances are reported in our country every year. However, insurance companies pay only 15,000 to 16,000 victims. 

An insurance adjuster is known to offers victims only ten to twenty percent of the compensation they would have offered if a professional lawyer was involved. 

The insurance adjuster ends up keeping the remaining eighty to ninety percent. Lawyers work on a contingency basis and take only a percentage of the compensation received.

They do not take fees, they get paid only if they win the case and the client gets compensation. Hence the lawyers work hard to ensure their clients receive good compensation.  

An individual trying to fight the case on his own tends to arouse resentment unnecessarily. The victims are not qualified lawyers and may not be aware of the law and legal terms.

They may not know the right things to say to get the claim settled efficiently. The victim may make statements and accusations that may not be required under the law. Having a qualified dog bite lawyer handling the case helps inefficient representation.

How will a dog bite lawyer prove my case?

Though each client may be different for a dog bite lawyer but all dog bite cases involve a human being fighting for compensation for the losses and damages suffered. 

A professional dog bite lawyer can help:

  • To investigate the incident
  • Communicate with the insurance companies and responsible parties
  • File a dog bite lawsuit on your behalf
  • Create a strong case against the liable parties
  • Represent the victim in court and fight for a fair compensation

When insurance companies or the liable parties know that the victim is represented by a lawyer. They treat the claim more seriously and try to settle out of court if possible. The offers of compensation generally rise as soon as the victim’s lawyer comes into the picture. 

Contacting a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or your family member has been attacked by a dog or has been bitten, contact us at Khashan Law Firm. Our team of experienced and well qualified dog bite lawyers have been successfully representing victims of dog bites over the last several years.

Dog bite attacks are more than having broken bones or being scarred. The emotional trauma and stress after the attack can last for a while, sometimes for even lifetime.

We have the required knowledge and experience to handle dog bite and attack cases. We can help you receive fair compensation for the losses and damages suffered. Contact us today at 951.461.2387 for a free consultation.

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