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Solutions If Linksys E5600 Wireless Router is Not Set Up Successfully

The Linksys E5600 wireless router is a dual-band router that is capable of expanding the range up to 1000 square feet. The design of this router is a unique one as it stands on the support of two inclined legs. It supports 10 devices connected in real-time. You can easily connect two or more devices at one time by using a username and password. It provides an unmatchable speed of 1.2GBps. The WiFi 5 technology spreads the signal coverage at every corner of your home and workplace and offers you to stream HD movies and games without any buffer. You can choose the band either 2.4GHz and 5GHz, depending upon your location. A guest network will allow you to create a private network for families and friends even without letting them know. It also offers to filter or block the websites with parental control features.

The setup of Linksys router can be done simply by visiting the myrouter.local. You can connect more devices using the Gigabit Ethernet port available on the backside of the device. The Blue color LED light on the front panel gives an astonishing look to the device. It is compatible with maximum WiFi communication standards. Now we are gonna tell you the installation procedure of the Linksys router

Install the Linksys E5600 Wireless Router

Installing the Linksys router is so simple, you just need to follow the steps.
Unox the shipment box and bring all the pieces of equipment and [lace on the flat surface. The surface on which you place the device should not be wet as well as choppy. Clean if any dust particle is stuck in the device or any other equipment. Read all the info described briefly in the user guide. The user guide will teach you to do all the settings and set them up in a simple way. After doing all that, you can now move to the installation process.

Firstly, turn off your router by plugging it off from the AC socket and again plug it on. Power on the switch. Now connect the Linksys device to the modem. Plug one end to ethernet cable the internet port which is at the rear of the router while other to any available port of the modem. Now enter the SSID code and name to the WiFi network name. Enter that details while accessing the web management page. Now we are gonna mention the procedure to solve the problem if your Linksys device is not set up successfully.

Solutions If Linksys E5600 Wireless Router is Not Set Up Successfully

You can complete the setup using the web interface. But if you are unable to finish the setup with a web interface for any reason, these solutions may help you to fix it.

Reset Your Device

The first and the most common solution is to reset the router. Resetting the router is effortless. Just pick a paper clip-type equipment and thumb down the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds. The router will turn off itself and reboots automatically. Now try to set it up again using the web browser.

Change The Gateway

If you are using the advanced router, the gateway to a router is using it may be Changing the IP address to will fix this trouble.

Antivirus Blockage

Most of the time, the inbuilt Windows firewall will block the setup of the Linksys E5600 WiFi router. You need to disable the firewall for some time while you are setting up.

Use Another Device

If you have another system device, use that device. The device may not be compatible with your router.


It is a great device and I have been using it for the last 6 months. All things work well. The setup of this device usually takes more than the Linksys team claims. The range and speed of this device are good enough to place the router in your workplace and home. You can easily stream the HD video and high-end gaming without any buffering using this router. A separate network will offer you to create a private network for unknown users. Parental control will offer you to allow or block or filter the website just by7 visiting the web management page. The ethernet Gigabit port on the back will allow you to add four more devices. It will boost the data sharing speed up to a great extent and provides security to your data and files. Overall, a perfect device for your home and small offices. I highly recommend all users purchase this device.

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