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Some beautiful gardens to visit in Dubai

Dubai is the biggest city in UAE with countless beautiful gardens, the highest building- Burj khalifa, luxurious cars, resorts, deserts, and much more.

One of the most famous attractions in Dubai is the Gardens. Dubai has 22 unique, super beautiful parks and gardens. The most magnificent garden in the whole world was discovered in Dubai. An international city has several unbelievable gardens with marvelous sceneries, and every garden has a different identity.

Here are some unique and beautiful gardens in Dubai

Miracle Garden 

Miracle garden is the most beautiful, unique, and most distant flower garden in the world. Dubai miracle garden is also known as the power of the flower. Also, it has more than 60 million unique kinds of flowers.

The miracle garden has located in the district of Dubai land, UAE. The miracle garden started on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Moreover, it extends over 72,000 square meters.

If you want to explore the miracle garden, you should visit it between October to April because it usually closes from May to September due to rising temperatures. So it is not the right time to see the flowers.

The Dubai miracle garden is not a park. It is a botanical garden so, it has some rules and regulations like you cannot allow to bring outside food or drinking water, prohibited to sit on the grass, and you can’t cycle in the garden.

If you want to explore the miracle garden, tickets have required for adults and children. If you are 12 or 12+, you have to pay AED 55 and for children between 3 to 12 is AED 40. But if you have a kid below 3-years, he gets free entry.

You can see the whole garden within three hours. If you want to take photos, permission is required. In this way, you can click as many pictures as you want.

The Dubai miracle garden has many success stories like it has gain three Guinness World Records. It is the garden you can visit with your family.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is the second most beautiful garden in an international city. It has situated beside the Dubai miracle garden.

The Dubai butterfly garden started in 2015. This garden has situated in an area that extends over 2600 square meters. The butterfly garden has 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species. Dubai Butterfly Garden also has a butterfly library with thousands of hand-crafted butterfly designs. These have drawn from various corners of the world.

A separate educational and cinema area has been composed for the visitors in the butterfly garden. So, every visitor can learn about the different life stages of butterflies.

In the butterfly garden, every worker has been well trained. They have good knowledge about every species of butterfly. They explain every detail related to it.

The Dubai butterfly garden has also planted various types of nectar plants. The best time to visit the butterfly garden is between November to March because the temperature is very high in the summer season.

The best things to do in the Dubai butterfly garden:

  • The butterfly garden has a separate cinema area so you can easily watch educational movies there.
  • You can develop your knowledge about different species of butterflies.
  • Capture lots of pictures with 15,000 of various butterflies.
  • Experience a numerous variety of plants, flowers, and the most beautiful butterflies.

There are many places to visit in Dubai. But your trip is incomplete without visiting the butterfly garden. The Dubai butterfly garden has made a different place for itself all over the world.

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai garden glow has located at Zabeel Park. The Dubai garden glow has been recognized as the world of imagination. It is the largest dinosaur park in the world, with a range of 100 dinosaurs animated by an electromechanical device. You can enhance your knowledge about ancient times.

The Dubai garden glow has divided into four parts Namely

  • Glow park
  • Dinosaur park
  • Magic park
  • Art park

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In the end

If you want a memorial and active vacation, you should visit Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Dubai Garden Glow. You will not regret visiting these places.

So next time, when you visit Dubai do not forget to visit these places. These places will calm your mind and fill your mind with positive thoughts. As a result, you will get a sense of relief.

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