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Straight baths – a debate about the available material in the UK

Ideal Standard Bath

Everyone is familiar with bathtubs, whether they are used for showering or for soaking and relaxing. Most people are only familiar with the standard bathtub, but there are many different types. A person can stretch out in some; while others have designed to feel like a hot tub with bathtub jets. And still, some modern baths have been designed purely as decorative items. Anyone can find one that suits their tastes. Along with a more decorative sink, straight baths can add character to a nice bathroom.

Overview of the available material and designs

A bath’s materials have often been overlooked in the search for a new bath. The material and its quality are reflected in the bath’s overall appearance and rigidity. For consumer baths, acrylic is the most common material in use; whereas steel is more common in commercial baths and in hotels due to its durability and hardiness.

  • From the standard rectangular bath to the shower bath to even the corner bath, acrylic is a versatile material that is both lightweight and durable. The bath would be lighter, making it easier to transport and install. Particularly since most bathrooms are located upstairs.
  • Few bathroom floors have properly aligned. However, most acrylic baths, and even some steel baths. They come with adjustable feet to help them align themselves on an uneven surface. These are famous as free-standing baths.
  • Bathtubs used to creak and rattle as you lowered yourself into them. Although the quality of these products has improved dramatically over the past few years to provide a truly safe and solid structure; many people still have concerns about the rigidity of these products.
  • It looks like an unsteady plastic piece when produced, but with modern technology. Each acrylic bath has always been reinforced with fiberglass and has a solid backboard underneath. These are available with thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 8mm depending on the brand and quality required.
  • It is now possible to purchase a bath that has an 18mm thick encapsulated backboard. These straight baths are incredibly secure and can support a lot more weight than standard baths. Acrylic is always used because it acts as an insulator; allowing you to enjoy a long and luxurious soak for longer periods of time.
  • In comparison to acrylic baths, steel baths are stronger and heavier due to their material composition. Because of this, steel baths are delivered in crates to ensure they are protected from damage. This makes steel baths popular in commercial and hotel settings such as travel inns. Here acrylic baths have replaced steel baths as the preferred material.
  • In addition, steel baths are more difficult to mold, and; therefore, are typically only available in a rectangular shape. They look like acrylic baths, with the most notable differences being in their feel/finish and sound, as well as in their price. Likewise, they retain water heat and are extremely durable. They can accommodate a variety of people with different weights.
  • Steel baths, depending on the brand, can be a cheaper alternative to the latest fashionable and stylish acrylic baths. While durability may be equal between the two types of baths. Acrylic baths provide a bathroom with an extra shine; not to mention the variety of styles and designs available to consumers.
  • Not only do acrylic baths dominate showroom screens (where you buy what you see), but leading industry manufacturers. These have created new and exciting ranges that have transformed the bathroom into a fashionable commodity for today’s home.

Straight bathsDimensions of shape and size

Baths come in a variety of sizes and shapes; suited to a variety of bathroom styles. And you can choose the size that is perfect for your room. You can choose a bath that is large enough for two people. A circular bath, a freestanding bath; or any other design that complements your decor. Alternatively, a sunken bath can create a spa-like atmosphere in your room.
For the congested spaces, the market also offers P and L-shaped baths for the customers. These can fit in the corner for a better experience. However, the ideal standard bath comes in a square shape with a standard structure. The traditionally styled baths come with stylish feet and can install any part of the bathroom. These have wonderful options for the taps and faucets allocation as well. All this depends on the space in the bathroom and the budget in the pocket.

Straight baths at the Royal Bathrooms

In nutshell, it is important to consider all the fixtures that will install in your bathroom when deciding whether to remodel it. Choosing the right materials will have a huge impact on the overall design; so, do your homework before you go shopping. Making a decision about your ideal standard bath is crucial; as it plays a central role in your home’s decor. Google now!

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