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Tea Time Healthy homemade Indian Snack Items

As a country with great diversity, Indians have no shortage of cultural food

Chai & Nashta, especially in India has become an emotion, synonymous with a healer or a companion. People all around the country are addicted to chai, they can’t start a day without having a good cup. While many people love drinking coffee, but for most people, chai is irreplaceable. And what is tea time without some snacks?

Tea time is a very special time for some of us. Sit back, get relaxed, and have a cup of tea. Celebrate summer with the candlelit evening high tea, and serve season-inspired recipes your guests are sure to enjoy. Snacks are an important part of your diet. They can fuel the body, boost energy and help you exercise better. And if you snack healthy, with foods that keep you full for a long time, it can also keep you from overeating at mealtime.

As a country with great diversity, Indians have no shortage of cultural foods. Each corner of the country will present you with something different and exciting. If you are looking to spice up your tea time get-together, this blog is for you.

Keep reading to know about 12 mouth-watering tea-time healthy snack options of India that you can make at home!


Singhada is the close cousin of samosa who migrated to regions of Bihar & Bengal their partition into Jharkhand, UP & Bangladesh respectively. The outer skin is similar to samosa and made from flour, water, ajwain, salt, and dalda or ghee. Filled with the goodness of boiled potato that is stir-fried with bhuni hui moongfali and a mix of aromatic Indian spices. Easy to make, this fried goodness can be everyone’s go-to Tea time snack! 

Bread Pakoda

Common to the north region of India, bread pakoda is a comfort dish that is easy to make as well. The steps of this recipe include cutting the bread into triangles, dipping them in besan batter, and deep-frying. Mostly, bread pakodas contain 2 slices of bread filled with aloo masala inside along with a paneer slice. You can even add pudina to the batter and sprinkle chaat masala to get that street-food style bread pakodas!


Did you know that the earliest extant work to mention the word “dhokla” is the Gujarati Varanaka Samuchaya (1520 CE)? That’s old! Khaman is a famous Gujarati tea-time snack that is moist, spongy, and yummilicious to eat. Khaman is a variant of dhokla that is only made from spit-chickpea pulse, unlike dhokla which also includes rice flour. This is one of the top choices for healthy vegetarian snacks Indians love. Khaman is also lighter and perfect for you if you are looking to control your calories!

Pyaz kachori

If you have been to Rajasthan, chances are you have had their famous super crispy and chatpati Pyaz kachori! Stuffed with a filling of pyaz, aloo, and a blend of Rajasthani spices, this kachori will make your tea-time get-together a hit event. What more? You can make this amazing snack easily at your home. You can also prepare the kachori, half fry them, and then fry again at the serving time for best results.

Nader Monje

You know what french fries are, but have you heard about lotus stem fries? Coming to you from the beautiful lands of Kashmir, Nader Monje is lotus stem fries that are a common tea-time snack and street food of Kashmir. If you want to step up your fries game, get some lotus stem, cut into sticks and fry in besan-rice flour batter till crispy. Super easy to make and delicious, this will become your favorite tea snack!


Sikkim’s Buckwheat fritters made from spring onion will win the hearts of your guests! Easy to make recipe of usually 4 steps will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. These are crispier than your average onion fritters and will stay crunchy for a long time. Best for monsoon days with chai, Phulaurah will become your go-to fritter recipe.


Once you taste this delicacy of Manipur, there is no going back. This can be on the top of healthy homemade snacks Indians love! Made with rehydrated and boiled chickpeas that are sauteed in garam masala and other spices to make this a mouth-watering dish. Kelichana can be served with tea and is also a lunch-friendly option.

Here are a few more healthy snack options Indians love – Pitha, namkeen, Chura Moongfali, etc. There are many more traditional snacks that you can explore for your tea-time. North-east India is famous for its rice-made snacks that are crunchy and delicious. You can find many of these recipes on foodism’s Indian food blog. Happy Cooking!

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