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Tested Study Tips To Follow For A Successful College Life

Study Tips To Follow For A Successful College Life

Study Tips – Everyone Hate study, but college life is not only completely different but way harder than high school. The lessons are complicated. There will be no one bending over backward to encourage you to excel. The learning is unbelievably fast-paced and you may have to pull up all-nighters to meet strict deadlines or prepare for upcoming tests.

Nobody said that college life is going to be an easy one. About 41.6% of college students suffer from anxiety, while 36.4% suffer from depression. In the United States, nearly 40% of undergraduate college students drop out in the first year of college. And 30% of them drop out even before their sophomore year. From homesickness to exam anxieties and student debt, there are plenty of reasons that can make your college life overwhelming.

Despite so many challenges, it’s possible to lead a successful college life only if you acquire the right skills. So, here are the top five study skills for college students who want to battle all odds and achieve success.

  1. Hone your time management skill

You are most likely to be busy throughout your academic life. From attending classes every day to writing assignments on time and even finding time to eat and sleep, it’s easy to get to a breaking point if you don’t manage your time wisely in college. Time management is no more an option but a necessity to lead a successful and peaceful college life. It helps you prioritize your tasks so that you can complete your assignments and other college work on time.

Here’s how you can manage your time perfectly:

  • Create a schedule

Make a routine to prioritize projects based on their due dates of submissions. For instance, let’s say you have to submit your Biology paper on 15th March and your English assignment on 20th March. So, create a schedule such that you focus on completing the biology paper first, followed by the English paper.

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  • Eliminate distractions

Distractions such as social media notifications can prevent from following the schedule. So, try to eliminate as many distractions as possible to stick to the schedule.

  • Set goals for each study session

Set goals for each study session and make sure you accomplish those. For instance, you can settle on how many pages of your English assignment to write using a word counter tool or how many mathematical problems to complete that specific day.

College students often find it hard to balance between home, part-time jobs and college life. Time management can help you find this balance. It helps you arrange your priorities and stay on track, especially during the exam period.

  1. Learn the art of creating and using mind maps

You may receive tons of notes related to different topics every day. But, what’s the point of so many notes if you aren’t able to use them later while studying? This is where the role of mind maps comes into play. It helps you use keywords while noting down the most significant pieces of information from your class notes. You can also make connections between the facts and ideas using this technique.

Here’s how you can use mind maps in college:

  • Studying for exams

Studying for exams is mainly about going through piles of notes and then forgetting what those notes were about. Mind mapping lets you review the notes you have made on each subject. You can memorise only the information you want and the ones that are relevant to your exam papers.

  • Creative inspiration

Whether you want to write a story or an essay, mind mapping can help you with creative ideas. This process can provide you with tons of ideas relevant to your project or topic.

  • Problem-solving

No matter how complex your assignment problem is, mind mapping can help you out. It opens up the relevant possibilities and options required to solve the problem. Instead of panicking, you can implement realistic solutions and get rid of the problem.

  1. Write down accurate and good notes

Lecture notes are usually the most overlooked and yet the most significant part of college life. The chances of scoring good grades increase if you follow your class notes as provided by the professors. You may find it hard to write everything down in the class. So, the best thing to do is record only the key points discussed or explained by your professor. You can gather the rest of the details relevant to those key points later on.

  1. Set a study space

Different students have different learning preferences. Some may focus better on studies in a calm environment, while others may need some soft music in the background to focus on the same. Your study space determines your ability to study effectively. After all, you can’t expect to learn well if you can’t even concentrate properly while studying. An ideal study space should foster productivity and minimise distractions.

Here’s how to make your own study space:

  • What type of environment do you want while studying? Create a designated space in your room accordingly.
  • Consider the temperature and lighting that you are comfortable in. Make sure both these factors increase your ability to concentrate.
  • Settle in a place that is focused, has a calm attitude, and has minimal distractions.
  • Keep all your study supplies handy, along with plenty of your favorite snacks and water.
  1. Ask for help as and when required

You aren’t the only one who is having a hard time adjusting to the overwhelming pressure in college. There are many students going through similar problems. Instead of frowning upon your issues or freaking out, it is better to ask for help. For instance, let’s say you aren’t able to cite the sources in an assignment. So, you can use a citation machine or request your friends to help you implement the right citation format. Either way, you get the task done and that is what matters.

Wrapping Up,

College is certainly nothing like high school. Besides giving you a taste of first real-world independence, it also brings tons of responsibilities and stress-related factors. But, the good news is, you can handle all problems with the right study skills. Implement the tips mentioned above and enjoy a successful academic life hassle-free. Good Luck.

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