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The Best Things To do in Maldives Right Now

Although the typical image we have of the Maldives is lying in relaxation mode with a delicious cocktail on the beach, there are many interesting things to do in the Maldives, especially activities related to the sea.

In this article we are going to tell you the best things to do in the Maldives Islands during a vacation, among which are some of our favorite activities in the Maldives that we cannot fail to recommend. We already anticipate it: In the Maldives islands it is impossible to get bored!

Here you will find the Best Things To do in Maldives:

1- Swim with Sharks in the Maldives

And we put it in first position because it has been one of the most amazing experiences we have had in our life !! It happened suddenly, without planning anything (like the best things in life), when we found ourselves snorkeling a few meters off the shore on the beaches of the Coral Garden: an incredible reef on the resort island where we were staying at the Embudu Village Resort , during our vacation in Maldives.

Swim with shark in Maldives

Although it may sound terrifying, there is no reason to be alarmed. Swimming (and snorkeling) with sharks in the Maldives is a harmless activity: They are reef sharks and they are not dangerous; Of course, we can assure you that the adrenaline goes off when you find yourself next to a bug of these, over two meters long !!

And above all, when you realize that there is not just one, but that they move in pairs and in colonies and you see yourself surrounded by more than one.

We already assure you that swimming or diving with sharks is one of the best experiences in the Maldives that you will not forget, and in my case, when I remember it, I recognize that my hair continues to stand on end. 🙂 But, without a doubt, this improvised anecdote was the best gift we took from the Maldives.

Another way to experience this incredible moment in the Maldives (if the island-resort where you are staying in Maldives does not have a reef), is to hire specific excursions to enjoy it: Take a look at this excursion, for example, which It also includes snorkeling with turtles and the opportunity to exploit a sunken ship.

2. Star Watching: One Of The Most Amazing Things To Do For Free In Maldives

Another of the best free things you can enjoy in the Maldives is watching starry skies at night.

star watching in maldives

Thanks to the low population density of the Maldives atolls and their low light pollution, provided favorable natural conditions (i.e. clear and moonless night), the Maldives islands become one of the best places in the world.
Thousands of stars are visible to the trained eye, even to the constellations and planets:

There is no greater pleasure than lying on the beach in the dark of the night and observing the natural (and free) spectacle that the starry skies offer us in this part of the world. Don’t miss these best things to do in Maldives at night.

If you travel with children, like us, the little ones will enjoy the experience greatly and will want to repeat it over and over again. So take note: it is one of the unforgettable things to see in Maldives!

Dolphin And Whale Watching Excursions

Up to 23 different species of whales and dolphins can be spotted in the Maldives, depending on the time and place, and it is quite an experience to be able to enjoy this natural spectacle with a maritime excursion.

Dolphin and Whale watching in Maldives

It is very common to see dolphins in the wild, and in addition, the tours (very respectful) usually combine whale watching activities with snorkeling activities, which already include snorkeling and diving equipment and even a visit to a sandbank or bank of Sand, in the middle of the sea and completely surrounded by water.

One of the most curious things to visit in Maldives, since they appear and disappear according to the tides.

Sleeping In A Resort On A Private Island (Even If Your Budget Is Tight!)

It is another of the things to do in Maldives that we cannot fail to recommend. Although the experience of staying on local islands is great, being able to enjoy a resort on a private island in the Maldives is an experience out of this world!

Sleeping In A Resort

Although most travelers think that sleeping in a resort in the Maldives is something unattainable, the reality is that it is not, since there are not only luxury hotels in the Maldives, there are also tourist category and affordable for the pocket half.

And if we could do it, you can too. We tell you how to do it in this blog article.

You should know that the cheapest way to travel to the Maldives is by staying on a local island, in simple hotels or guesthouses, but these islands have a Muslim population and have quite a few restrictions for tourists.

Among them: not being able to drink or bathe only in confined areas where wearing a bathing suit or bikini is allowing to all.

So an excellent way to enjoy a day without any restrictions and surrounded by luxuries, is with a one-day pass to an all-inclusive luxury resort, to enjoy, at least once in your life, that incredible experience.

I hope you must do these things to do on Maldives trip.


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