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Pup Joints 

DIC OIL TOOLS is a Pup Joints Suppliers in UAE. Also known as saver sub, spacer, and pup. Set on the nominal outside diameter of the pipe itself ranging dependent on the type of tubular goods We also supply pup joints for high, low pressure, and temperature. This is a pipe of non-standard length. Frequently used to modify the length of the tubular string to match the exact demand. Presented in either two or five-foot increments with custom lengths available on request. Also used to adjust the length of the drill string for drilling operation and easy surface handling. The performance of the pup joints firstly depends on their mechanical properties.


  • It is a short casing or tubing used for handling making tubing assemblies and for spacing out full-length tubing and casing strings.
  • Also used to adjust the length of the drill string for drilling operation and easy surface handling.
  • Used to adjust the depth of downhole tools.
  • These are able to handle a variety of fluids and working pressure.
  • Used to modify the height of full-length tubing or casing strings.

Different Types of Pup Joints

It is also available in these types as:

  • Casing Pup joints: DIC OIL TOOLS is a Casing Pup Joints Suppliers in UAE. Topmost casing is joined to the last casing when it fixes the position of the top surface of the casing string and connects the short.
  • Tubing Pup Joints: Produces fluids or gas that get transmitted from the bottom to the surface of a tubing joint. Relatively single-length pipe and can be supplied in length anywhere from 25 to 30 ft.
  • Drill Pipe Pup Joints: Connected to the drill pipe tube by welding to make a high integrity solid-state weld connection between the tool joint and the disconcert drill pipe tube.
  • Crossover Pup Joint: It is a shorter type of Tubing and Casing, so used to alter the length of a string to its exact demand.
  • Perforated Pup Joints: The Perforated Pup Joint, permits the unrestricted flow of flowing or gas which expands the accuracy and reliability.
  • Integral Pup Joints: These are straight tubes with unification connections on pair ends, generally used for transporting high-pressure flow in fracturing manifold, cementing manifold, maintenance manifold, and test manifold.
  • Drill Pipe:  It is hollow, thin-walled, steel or aluminium mixture piping that is used on drilling rigs. It is allow drilling fluid to be pumped down the hole through the bit and back up the ring.
  • Tubing and Casing: The casing is a chain of steel pipes. Run toward a drilled oil well to stabilize the well, keep contaminants and water out of the oil stream, and prevent oil from reaching towards the groundwater.
  • Couplings: DIC OIL TOOLS a Couplings Manufacturer in Ajman, UAE. The main purpose of couplings is to combine two pieces of revolving apparatus while permitting some degree of twisted or end variation or both.


  • Prepared by a specialized CNC machine.
  • It features high accuracy of manufacturing, good reliability, and a long lifespan.
  • Made from the highest quality and seamless tubing.
  • Used during the construction and operation of oil and gas wells.
  • It is the best tubing attached by means of the threaded coupling joint of NKT and NKM types of plain-end pipe.
  • Supplied with the protection of Threaded Pipe and Coupling connection by means of corrosion to prevent grease and threaded protective elements.


  • Made from the highest quality and seamless tubing.
  • Complies with API 5CT.
  • Forged Pup Joints are inherently stronger.
  • Smooth uninterrupted bores.
  • No costly weld inspection.
  • Full material traceability.
  • Available with a hammer- union, hub, metal, or special.
  • End connections.
  • Made of high-strength steel, as with a special toughening process.
  • Used Acme threaded connection to create the demolition convenient, fast, reliable connection, and reliable.
  • Different seal designs and high precision, so to ensure the sealing is better performance.
  • Cementing and simulation application.
  • High-pressure well-servicing lines.
  • Production and flushing lines.


Oil and Gas exploration requires a wide range of Industrial, Mechanical, and Technical apparatus of varying sizes, of which, albeit its very simple and intermediate use, Pup Joint is one. Used to bridge the distance gap between Tubing and Casing components. Also used to adjust the basis of the downhole tools. The fact is that the pup joints are very easy and simple to handle and use, thanks to their stylish designs and given the same presentation as tubing/casing drill pipes. Lightwell ensures cautious traceability of our Pup Joints and we inspect the finished product after stenciling to avoid. We are surely meet our entire client’s specifications upon their request.

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