The definition of a luxurious market and a prosperous society

The definition of a luxurious market and a prosperous society

It is not easy to define a luxury market, while the concept of a prosperous society is one that can be defined as the ratio of earnings to the average in the United States or any other country. Luxury can be defined in terms of its availability to the entire population, where the division into social classes can base on their use of luxury goods. What I can’t afford and what you can do is luxury!


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This is a very thematic definition and not one on which businesses can build strategic business plans. What are the advantages of being able to define these terms and how does it affect the American manufacturing and service industries?

In order to make luxury readily available to the middle class and other luxury consumers, referred to as the ‘ambitious class’, some luxury products were created for that purpose only. It achieves nothing more than confusing the definition of the term ‘luxury market’ and is one of the reasons it is indefinite.

The definition of a luxury market?

Professor Bernard Dubois defines luxury as a ‘specific level’ according to the type of service or product, but it is not generally accepted and there have been many more attempts to define ‘luxury’ – none of which is realistic or acceptable. It is better not to try to define a word that is non-defined because it belongs to the group trying to define.

Business-class seats are a luxury for anyone who usually travels by coach. First-class seats are common to others. So luxury cannot define differently than a person’s relationship. The American Affluence Research Center (AARC) defines the luxury market as the richest 1% of American households. This is an attempt to place an image on a relative quantity, and you can use it if you want.

The definition of prosperity?

The AARC definition of affluent society as the top 10% of American households in terms of income is more acceptable. In order to accept a definition, not only must people be able to understand it, but they themselves must relate to it or not belong to it.

In this sense, both luxury and prosperity guarantee, although one may be vague and the other certain. The answer to any unacceptable definition is given another, and there is no other to accept the definition of ‘luxury market’. 

In a sense, the two close relate because only the highest earners should be able to purchase the highest-priced product. Price can only include in any definition if it relates to products within a category and not value as an absolute figure. Thus, members of the luxury market may be able to carry a luxury car, but not a basic private plane. Others have tried to overcome this problem by establishing a relationship of luxury with personal experience, bringing us back into ambiguity.

Resources are easy to define

These various attempts to define the term only indicate that there no universal accept definition and that the luxury market is, therefore, indefinite across a wide population – but perhaps can define within the social class. So it is difficult for luxury market providers to define their market: it is much easier to define ‘rich society in terms of income or ‘disposable’ income. This is why the United States defines it as the top 10% of American households in terms of income.

The manufacturing and service industries have a measurable target where they can reach and plan accordingly rather than using a conceptual group rather than a measurable group in a luxury market. On the other hand. A luxury item can define more precisely. The demand for a ‘necessity’ remains the same regardless of the increase in disposable income. While the demand for luxury increases comparatively with the income.

Can luxury define by price?

A luxury brand like Armani just because of the price. If the average earnings have to reach a point where the majority of the population can afford Armani. Then the company will feel compelled to raise prices to maintain a monopoly. This is where luxury becomes price-related, not price-related. An Armani suit does not improve quality by raising prices to maintain exclusivity.

By conducting consumer research and analyzing the type of spending in a prosperous society. Suppliers will find it easier to meet their needs. That market determines the purpose of future purchases, especially those that consider popular as luxury products. Those that make and market such products will be in a better position to meet these needs.

Therefore, it is important that whether the term ‘luxury market’ can define

The manufacturing industry identifies its preferred target market and determines the purpose of its future purchase. Whether or not luxury products involve is unnecessary. It’s getting ready with the right products at the right time that matters, luxury or not. In that case, identifying a rich market is more important than defining ‘luxury’.

The differences between the luxury market. The affluent society discusses on the AARC website where you can also use expert market research results to plan for their needs. The needs of luxury consumers.

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