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The Magnum Hen from JJ Lares is a great addition to your duck hunter’s arsenal.

If you’re looking for the best duck calls, look no further than kittles outdoor. If there’s one thing we know about our customers it’s that they want quality products at affordable prices. The Magnum Hen is an exciting addition into their lineup and has been a favorite among hunters since its release! This call gives off that commanding hen mallard demanding presence of birds flying above marshy land which can really open up tuleys when used correctly- but don’t worry because with some practice (and maybe just enough time spent out there) anyone could become quite skillful sounding like this too!

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport is a family-owned company that sells outdoor products. It has been based in Uptown Colusa since 1999, and it still maintains an extensive inventory of waterfowl supplies available at the local Sacramento River State Park Fishing Department which includes live bait for bass fishing enthusiasts like you! With so many great places to fish nearby–such as The Grey Life Wildlife Area or Delevan refuge just outside our door step—we’re confident knowing we can help match your needs with whatever boat gear might be required

Kittle’s is a hunting and fishing store with extensive experience in all aspects of outdoor adventures. We provide customers not only the equipment they need for their next excursion, but also information on where to go as well as how long it should take you – whether this means Canada geese or trout!

About J.J. Lares

Chico is known as the home of a powerhouse that makes one of the world’s most sought-after waterfowl calls. The jj lares duck calls company has been awarded many accolades, and they make some wonderful gift options for anyone who loves hunting ducks or goose with their shotguns!

With an acrylic body on each call you can easily produce sounds at different volumes depending what sound effect you want without worrying about breaking them because it will never happen when using these durable instruments made just right here in Chico California USA

The jj lares calls are cast acrylic, which come in many colors but black remains popular because it just looks good on any gun or vest while still giving off its signature tone when needed most – not too mention being tough enough under rough conditions like rain and snow without getting crunched up by pressure; plus we all know how salty those birds get sometimes after playing around outside as much these days!

About the Magnum

The Magnum J.J Lares call is a favorite among Kittle’s customers and hunters throughout the country for its ability to produce quality sounds with ease, especially in regions where hunting regulations require mallards or other species that have similar high-pitched mating calls during breeding season when using hybrid Mallard/Wood Duck Wingsetter whistle technology.

The Magnum Hen developed by JJ Lares has been the talk of town since it was released. We now have more than one customer who comes into our store just for a new idea or to see if they can get their hands on this product because people love how easy and effective its use is!


If you’re looking for a great duck call, look no further than Kittles Outdoor. We carry top-quality brands like jj lares call and our staff is always here to help find the perfect fit! The new addition from this year’s line up of Magnum Hens are hybrid calls that imitate not only mallards but can also emulate hens when given enough time in flight or sound production respectively; it may be best suited towards those who want an oil painting feel on demand as opposed too plain old “mallard” type birdcalls unless your preference falls somewhere between those two ends–in which case give these bad boys ago until they start sounding more naturalistic.

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