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Things to do at Dubai Airport when you are waiting for your Flight

What Can you do on a long Layover in Dubai Airport?

Many of us have experienced late arrival or departure of aeroplanes from the airport. This results in long waiting for your flight which can get quite dull. However, if you are a passenger who happens to be waiting at the Dubai airport, there are several things you can do. The Dubai International Airport will be one of the busiest airports in the world, with almost 10.6 million passenger traffic in 2021. So naturally, operating with such huge numbers, there is a slight chance of procedure error or schedule changes.

So, the departure and arrival of aeroplanes might change. And waiting, in general, is a boring thing even though there are no schedule changes for plane arrival. That’s why the Dubai airport has facilities that help you pass the time by keeping you engaged. So, the days of boring waiting is gone, as Dubai airport provides you with various kinds of entertainment. So here is a list of things you can do while waiting for your flight.

Having Food and Drinks at the Lounge 

One of the most favorite hobbies for most people is eating. If you have a ticket booking for a first-class or business class, then you can enter the Dubai Airport’s posh lounges. But if you only have an economy class ticket, don’t worry, as Dubai Airport offers the Marhaba lounges for free.

These airport lounges provide one of the most refined airport service foods. These lounges also include shower facilities, a snooze room, a children’s room and even a cinema room. All these factors coupled with enjoying a good meal can easily pass your waiting time.

Workout, Gym or Swimming Facilities 

Gym or Swimming Facilities at dubai airport

Many are not into eating and might be more into exercise as a time spending activity. The Dubai airport provides you with enough facilities to perform and indulge in such things. While waiting for their plane, people can try out some exercise in the G-force health club.

This health club inside the Dubai airport hotel requires buying a pass for entry. After that, it grants you access to various facilities like a swimming pool, gym room, showers, hot tub, steam room and sauna. All these facilities are of exceptionally high quality and service as it is inside a 5-star hotel.

Shopping in Dubai

shopping at dubai airport

Shopping is one the most vital thing people do, especially if they are visiting or on tour. The Dubai airport has various brands, including CHANEL, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and more. There are also women and jewellery shops available. You can buy the best souvenirs for these shops, including perfumes, jewellery of both gold and silver and more.

If you are getting bored in waiting for your flight that is going to arrive after some hours, then a bike ride can be a savior for you. You can take a bike for rent in Dubai.

There are free Raffles available

You might be interested in participating in one of the free raffles or lotteries of winning something big. The price usually involves luxury or fast cars. Of course, the chances of you winning the price are very low due to the number of participants. But it is a fun and entertaining way of passing the waiting time for the arrival of your flight.

Relaxing in one of the most Soothing Places

Many people like to involve themselves in various kinds of activities. But sometimes, all that people require is a little calm and soothing rest. The Dubai airport’s Zen Gardens allows you to take such a relaxing and refreshing break. This place is filled with shrubs, bushes, palm trees and even a fish pond. This is not just some ordinary garden as all these things are well maintained.

 This place is suitable especially for a calm and soothing mindset. So, finding a bench and sitting on it, relaxed while waiting for your plane, is quite a beautiful and remarkable thing.

Taking a short Nap 

short nap at dubai airport

If you want to take a short break, there are many beautiful gardens in Dubai, you can go there and relax. But sometimes, especially when people are busy and travelling on flights after flights for work might be tiring. In those cases, people want to avoid all activity at any cost. Fortunately, the Dubai airport provides sleeping pods that allow you to take the proper rest you need.

These sleeping pods are the perfect thing for a short nap before your flight. These pods consist of a mattress, blanket, pillow, sheet and a disposable headrest cover. Here you can have the most comfortable sleep so that you can get ready for your long journey.

Getting a Massage

Another relaxing method is getting a massage session, and the Dubai airport provides massage spas. However, you need to have a business class or first-class ticket to access this facility. But if you have one of these, then you can enjoy the best massage therapy sessions. Moreover, you might require such massage sessions as you will have a long journey. And such a long journey in a squeezed seat might stress your muscles. So getting a relaxing massage might be the perfect thing to do while waiting for your flight.

The Dubai airport provides all kinds of facilities so that the passengers don’t face any problems while travelling. And if the plane arrival time is delayed, you can hop into one of the many facilities that the Dubai International Airport provides.


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