Tips for Effective Lip Gloss Packaging

Ask yourself, where does your branding sit?

First impressions count. In the first few seconds, when the consumer sees your product, it needs to communicate what it is, where it is from, its benefits, and why it is better than the brand next to it. Here are some tips to make the lip gloss packaging more effective.

Ask yourself, where does your branding sit?

Do your consumers need to notice your brand mark immediately, or the product title and the brand secondary? The answer to the question will help you determine where you see your brand mark sitting on the lip gloss packaging boxes. Also consider, where your lip gloss name and shade must be written, for example, at the top and center or bottom with product name taking dominance.

Establish your messaging hierarchy

You can establish your messaging hierarchy by prioritizing your consumers’ reading first, second, and third on your lip gloss packaging boxes.

Make sure Consumers can read the Product Name

Your product name or title needs to be readable from a meter away. Then it would help if you worked out the design structure of your product description, shade name, and weight. It would be best to work out what your consumers must see without picking the custom lip gloss boxes.

Get to the point

Is the information on the custom lip gloss boxes straight to the point? The Packaging Republic suggests you keep it short and sweet but be consistent with your tone of voice.

Is your messaging foolproof?

Never forget that you are not the customer. You have expertise in your product and market. Also, you have a completely single-minded view of it. Therefore, ask yourself, would an average customer know how to use your product, would they even know what it is? Inform the customer as nobody likes to gamble with their hard-earned cash.

Establish your tone of voice

Start with establishing a friendly tone of voice in your slogans and claims and create an emotional connection with the customer.

Balancing your icons and text on Lip Gloss Boxes

The use of icons can help reduce lumps of text which will not get read. Icons are also a great opportunity for clearly communicating your product benefits.

Get your product variants / SKU messaging right

Products need their own unique titles, color, and ways of differentiating. On-shelf your cute packaging for lip gloss should stand next to each other and communicate quickly what the products are and the difference.

Do you have product windows?

Make sure that your cute packaging for lip gloss has a die-cut window since a beautifully designed visible product speaks volumes. Read more the general time.

Consider how much surface area is going to be visible.

When lined up on the shelf, how much of the lip gloss boxes’ central surface area will remain visible. At times messaging can be obscured when lined up on a shelf.

Consider the retail environment

It would be best for you to consider the environment and how your lip gloss boxes will be displayed. Will you be sending and showing your lip glosses in shelf-ready packaging boxes? Note that there will be an edge in front of your lip gloss boxes where nothing will be visible at all.

Opening and Closing

Is it obvious how your product opens? If it is re-sealable, is that communicated well? Do elements of your messaging get removed upon opening / tearing open?

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