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Tips to use a stainless steel pressure cooker

Without a doubt, pressure cookers were a marvelous innovation that has simplified the task of cooking. You can cook anything to everything in a stainless steel pressure cooker and that too in less time as compared to other cooking appliances. The cylindrical cooking pot has successfully replaced the conventional cooking method. It cooks food faster, along with retaining all the essential nutrients in the food. 

In fact, food cooked using steam is better for health than other cooking methods and saves effort, time, and resources. 

If you are looking for the best quality pressure cooker, a stainless steel one can be your best option. Find a reliable stainless steel pressure cookers manufacturer and get one that fits your cooking needs.

Although, some people fall behind on how to use a pressure cooker in the best possible way. But not to worry. In this post, we are going to escape the tricky process of using a pressure cooker. Additionally, when food is cooked using high-temperature steam, it can be dangerous if you don’t use the appliance as per the rules. 

So, here we are with some tips to use a pressure cooker:

Check before buying

While purchasing a pressure cooker or using a new one, make sure that it has no cracks or dents. Also, ensure that the whistle is not damaged and properly placed. As pressure cookers generate excessive steam to pressure cook the food, any leakages or cracks can lead to mishaps. Therefore, take extra caution while buying or using it.

Follow the instructions

Modern-day pressure cookers come with a manual on how to safely use them. It contains several safety tips that help you eliminate the dangers involved in pressure cooking, like the heat generated by the steam may scald if not handled properly. Follow the instructions that come with the model you pick to cook delicious dishes with safety.

Put the right amount of water

Before using a pressure cooker, clean it well. Whenever you cook something in it, ensure that the volume of water you use is accurate. The best way to do it is by adding water after measuring the capacity of the cooker. Make sure to leave enough space for the steam to build. Every dish requires different amounts of water to get cooked. So, at least fill the cooker with as much water as necessary.


  • Liquid foods like soup and casserole – not more than ½ full including liquid.
  • Vegetables & joints of meat – not more than 2/3rds full including liquid.
  • Foods which may expand like cereals, pulses, rice and pasta – not more than 1/3rd full.

Place the whistle correctly

Once you know what amount of water to be used for every meal, the next thing to take care of is to place the whistle and lid properly before putting the pressure cooker on flame. Apart from this, don’t touch or lift the whistle. The steam will release through the whistle once the food is cooked, so turn the flame off and don’t rush to open the lid until the steam settles down 

Different dishes; different cooking time

Diffe rent types of dishes are cooked in different time frames. Plus, it depends on the ingredients used. So before preparing any meal, read the instructions or recipes carefully. Vegetables, rice, meat, or cereals take different times of cooking and the amount of water. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before starting the cooking process. 

Release the steam the right way

After putting the flame off, don’t open the lid immediately as the same may lead to mishaps owing to excessive steam. First, lift the whistle using a spatula to release the steam. Once the steam is released, wait for 10 minutes to open the lid easily. Another thing you can do is put the cooker in the sink, under the tap, and run cold water over it. This will reduce the temperature in the cooker.

Clean the Cooker Properly

Clean the pressure cooker properly after use for hygienic cooking. You can begin with removing the gasket and washing it separately. After that, clean the lid and the pot. You can use a wooden toothpick to clean the valve to ensure that it moves freely and isn’t stuck. Once cleaned, store the cooker by placing the lid upside down on the pot, instead of locked in place.

Wrapping up

These tips mentioned above will help you prepare delicious and healthy meals in a pressure cooker with safety and success. If you have any question or query, please let us know in the comments.

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