Tomato Farming Business with High Yield – Complete Guide

How are tomatoes cultivated? If you develop tomatoes scientifically, you can get a lot of profit at less cost. In today’s era, farmers are earning lakhs by growing tomatoes and are self-sufficient. If you also want to know Tom’s business and farming information, you will be given detailed information. The complete information is provided from the total tomato growth to protect them from diseases. So let us know how tomatoes farming should be cultivated and appropriately traded.

How are Tomatoes Cultivated?

You need to know how many tomatoes you want to grow and how much land you have available. Accordingly, you have to give fertiliser, medicine, hard work and time. The farm should be excellent tilling for the tomato high yield production, and the tilling process depends on the tractor and its equipment. The Swaraj 742 tractor is one of the best tractor for tilling and cultivation that provides excellent yield and high profitable farming business.

Although it takes minimal effort in the tomato business, you will have to revoke it. By giving your valuable time there is a good yield and income is also good. So let’s know what types of tomato cultivation are done. So that you can get more profit in less time and from the tomato business, every information that you need to know.

Diseases of Tomatoes

Below you will know about those diseases of tomatoes which can destroy tomato cultivation. In such a situation, you need to have general knowledge about these diseases:


By the way, there are some obstacles in every business and farming, like there are diseases in tomato fields, which occurs in the half-fall which is a particular season. Due to this disease, fungus (fungus) occurs in the soil and tomato, and the tomato gets spoiled completely. Apart from this, it can be associated with many other diseases. Along with this, it is a rapidly spreading disease, which is necessary to make proper arrangements to prevent it.

Treatment of Ejaculation

  • Formaldehyde is used to prevent this disease, which can prevent diseases in tomatoes.
  • Mix 1 litre of Formaldehyde in 50 litres of water and sprinkle it as per the requirement in your fields before planting Tom.
  • Spray it so that it will also be 7 to 10 cm deep in the fields. And cover it with a plastic sheet and leave it for 2 to 3 days.

And turn the soil upside down, leave it for the next two days, and then start planting tomato plants. By doing this, mildew that occurs in cold weather can be avoided. For more relevant information, you can visit the Agriculture Department.

Moreover, there is another type of disease in which tomato plants suddenly wither and dry up. If such a symptom is seen, then you should use Bavistin. For this, mix 2 grams of Bevastine in 1 litre of water, pour water directly near the root of the tomato and sprinkle it from above. By doing this, we can avoid this disease.

Leaf Curl 

As can be known from the name of the disease, tomato leaves begin to curl and bend slightly when this disease occurs. So, if this is happening, then the tomato plant of the Jats society has got a condition called Leaf Curl.

When this happens, immediately remove such a plant and bury it in the soil, away from the field, so that this disease does not spread to other plants. Now take the drug Imidacloprid (17.8% Sl) (6 grams quantity) and mix it in 1 litre of water and sprinkle it in the fields.

Kitta Kite Protection

When tomatoes start growing, and tomatoes start coming in, kit mites and insects start getting attracted towards tomatoes and harm the tom. To prevent this, you should plant 1 marigold plant after every 15 tom plants at the beginning itself.

Many types of medicine are made from marigold flowers, and it also prevents insects from coming near. Apart from this, plant a marigold plant every 10 feet near the boundary of the field.

Tomato Seeds

When you cultivate a tomato, try to take only the seed (seed) of Tomato Pusa 120 to get a maximum tomato. This seed is readily available in the market.

150 to 175 grams (grams) of hybrid tomato seeds are sufficient for 1 hectare (hectare) of farmland. Therefore, you can get tomatoes in good quantities from this.

Field Preparation for Tomato Cultivation

Now you can prepare the farm in two ways, which are as follows:

  • We should form a raised bed directly on a flat area or on a seedling tray with the help of tractors. The Farmtrac 45 tractor is best for this operation because it easily connects with several farming implements. 
  • Its soil is made by extending it to 10 to 15 inches high.
  • Try to get the tomatoes planted by making the curry high so that you get minor damage and gain more.
  • The tom caused by this will also not survive on the ground below, and there will be no fear of rotting due to water.
  • Keep in mind that there should not be much water on this water.
  • In this, weeds also grow more minor and will also save your time.

But I recommend that you prepare tomato plants on seedling trays only, as you can easily take them anytime. The plant is less prone to insects and needs less water.

Repair Manure For Tomato Cultivation

If you want to get a reasonable rate of tomatoes in the market, try to do organic farming only. For this, you will only need good compost, which you can easily make. The method of making compost is given below:

  • To cultivate 1 hectare, you take 35 kg of cow dung.
  • Now it is being kept in a shady place. In this, the formulation called Trichoderma or Pseudomonas was said to be good.
  • Now cover it with a sack.
  • Flip it up and down every 2 days.
  • This is kept for a total of 7 days, and your organic compost is ready.

Add this organic manure 2 days before planting the tomato nursery so that the tomato can be supplied with the required nutrients and grow well.

We hope this blog will be helpful in answering your queries. However, if you are not satisfied with this information, please stay with us. And wait for the next blog.


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