Top 10 Foods That Boost Libido

10 Foods to Boost Libido

Foods are a great way to energy and virility throughout life. Little awareness about the role of different foods in your life will help you immensely to take any benefit you want to take from foods.

Foods prevent the onset of several lifestyle diseases; reduce the risk of cardiovascular health and increase vitality and virility throughout adult age. In fact, males who understand the role of food in their health keep a healthy life in every aspect of it. Here, we will study the foods which help us to maintain libido. Sustaining libido or preventing its decline will keep the erection process smooth. This little info will also help males who are currently on Generic Levitra 40mg for severe cases.

  • Avocado

Avocado is one of the best fruits that come on top of every list made by experts. It has vitamin B6, potassium, monounsaturated fat to ensure positive impact on every aspect that lifts libido. Potassium dilates arteries to facilitate blood circulation. It also prevents damage to arteries, which lowers risk of erectile dysfunction. Avocado lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome, which hastens the erectile dysfunction in males.

  • Fish

Omega 3 fatty acid is important in two ways for a male. It lowers the cholesterol formation in blood arteries to boost circulation. Second, it clears any obstruction in arteries by removing waxy substance. Consume sardine, tune and salmon for their higher content of omega -3 fatty acids.  Fish consumption is good for the heart, which ensures healthy blood circulation. Additional benefit is low calories of fish to keep the body fit and slim.

  • Berries

All kinds of berries are rich fruit in antioxidants including anthocyanin that keeps blood vessels flexible and supple. The healthy blood vessels ensure smooth blood circulation whenever the brain sends neurotransmitters to the central nervous system. Berries increase nitric oxide in the body to widened blood vessels.

  • Pomegranate

Tiny red seeds unblock the flow of blood that helps you get fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to muscles and other organs. It increases your capacity to perform intense physical tasks.  The nitrate in fruit is changed into nitric oxide in blood vessels to give you a rush of blood flow in the pelvic area. Males who have lower blood circulation in the pelvic area are suggested Sildenafil Citrate 150mg by doctors. It is at best the temporary relief measure. Food items and fruits provide permanent cure from any physical weakness.

  • Brazilian nut

It is the richest source of selenium, which leads to improvement in testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels in turn improve libido. Often males in mid 30 or from 40s start experiencing lower levels of libido and testosterone. Brazilian nuts remove a major cause of erectile dysfunction in males.

Brazilian nuts also contain higher levels of L arginine amino acid to give a boost to nitric oxide production in the body.  Nitric oxide creates space for greater flow of blood to give you a smooth erection process.

  • Food items with vitamin B 2

You need energy to perform physical tasks and get engaged in intense activity involving stamina and endurance.  Foods that are rich in vitamin B 2 ensure you have required energy to fulfill the desire.  Eggs, liver, meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, spinach and broccoli in your diet will keep muscles toned and flexible to keep up with smooth blood flow requirements.

  • Folic acid to increase Sperm Production

Folic acid also known as vitamin B9 improves your heart health and stimulates the production of sperm. It improves the health of sperms to have a positive impact on virility and vitality of a male.
folic acid to increase sperm production
Consume green vegetables, beetroot, spinach, green onion, carrots, melon, beans and apricot and eggs to kick start your sperm production.

  • Beetroots

Nitrate rich beets help your body to convert nitrate into nitric oxide to loosen up tense blood arteries. Relaxed arteries facilitate blood flow when brain signals come to the central nervous system. Beets also keep blood pressure down. Beets lower blood pressure in patients with BP issue, the condition which increases risk of erection problems in mid aged males.

  • Grapes

Cut the risk of inflammation of arteries by grapes to improve their function of supplying blood to the pelvic area. Plus grapes help you to relax tense blood vessels to get the needed blood supply for a smooth erection.  Grapes also neutralize the molecules that make blood sticky and stop its flow.

  • Citrus fruits

Orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit keep your heart healthy. These also ensure your brain is getting the required oxygen and blood. The antioxidants in them keep health free from damage done by free radicals. You have lower inflammation, no fear of blood clotting, and improved blood circulation with citrus fruits.


Include all mentioned food items and fruits in a balanced diet to increase their efficacy and positive impact. Support a healthy diet with moderate exercises to increase the benefit for both body and mind. A healthy body, relaxed mind and energy will provoke you to keep up with life in all its beautiful aspects.


Dr. John

Dr. John is a senior doctor and surgeon who has been involved in male urology issues for the last two decades. He has performed several delicate surgeries on prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement issues. After surgery, Dr John designed rehabilitation programs based on individual patient needs to help them get back to normal routine in the shortened period of time. Some males faced erection issues after full recovery from the surgery. After comprehensive medical checkup, Dr. John prescribed Generic Cialis 40mg. According to the doctor generic medicine is as effective as any branded one. Currently, Dr. John is guiding the online medical team of The Synergy Companies to expand online medical services.

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