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Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Feature Requests Responses

You should know that according to your customers’ an essential attribute of good customer service is a fast response time. Therefore, you need to respond to them quickly to better connect with your audience. Also, you know that your audiences are the primary source of your revenue. You don’t have any business without them. Therefore, you need to make them happy and have a great connection with them. Moreover, you can stand out against the competition by responding to your users. Continue reading to learn about tips that will help you improve your feature requests responses.  

Importance Of Communicating With Your Audience

When you accurately respond to your customers’ feedback and feature request, you tell them that they are valuable. You listen to them, and you value their suggestions as your customers. It is very beneficial and essential to strengthen customer loyalty.

Moreover, you should know that your users want to help you. They want to make a difference by suggesting ideas and features. They can make it. Therefore, it is crucial to plan how you take this feedback properly.

Hence, it would be best to have Feedsocio, the ideal platform that every company needs. You need to have feedsocio, which will help you select the perfect roadmap for your brand. Also, it is crucial to prioritise your plan by considering the most voted customer feedback, and feedsocio will help you do that.

How Can I Improve My Feature Request Responses?

Some of the top best ways to improve the feature request responses are below to help you so that your users leave you good CSAT scores to boot:

You Must Be Open And Honest

Before you decide how you respond to the requests, you must have the right mindset. It would be best if you did not hide the truth from your customers only to look good in their eyes. Instead, your users will appreciate the transparency more than being fake.

Be Thankful For Their Effort And Time

Whether you find the helpful feedback or not, nevertheless, you need to thank them for the input. It is essential to thank your users for the time they took from their busy lives to share their thoughts with you.

Also, a feature request helps you stay in tune with what the audience wants, needs, and expects from your product. Hence, gratitude is the initial thing you must express when you receive any feature requests.

Be Polite And Not Scripted

Another vital principle is to pay attention to your manner and language when responding to the users. The way you react to the feedback matters a lot. It would be best to be polite and friendly because you don’t want your customers to feel like automated replies. If they think that they got an automatic response, they will consider their suggestions void.

Don’t Make Undoable Promises With Your Users

It would be best to not make promises to the audiences that you can’t keep. Also, it is better to reject the proposal instead of giving false hopes. However, it will be better if you are polite while refusing. You need to follow a few fundamental principles while replying:

  • You can promise updates, not timelines
  • It is better to promise investigation and not fixes

You Must Show Some Understanding

When customers send you feedback, you show them you understand their issues and requests entirely. Also, if they describe some problems, you need to accurately understand the problem and why they are giving you their idea. A good reply will help you show that you correctly think about the customer’s feedback.

Look Into The Demands That Are By Your New Customers

You need to reply to your new customers’ feedback quickly. It would help if you made new potential users grow your business.

Recognize The Customers 

You should know which users are essential and who is not genuine. Therefore you must know who pays you the most and critical feedback for your long-term growth.

Know The Problem You Will Face

You must know the difficulty you will face in resolving the feature request. There will be problems that you will solve within seconds, and some might take time. Also, you may have to face some difficult changes in coding.

Go Back To Your Customers 

You must go back to your customers when you have already replied that you are coming back with their new feature. Also, please keep them updated.

Gain Customer Trust

To gain trust, you must maintain a connection with your customers. It is the most crucial thing you should do for your customers. 


Think responding to feature requests is a two-way street. Your customers make a significant effort to offer a feature request or any other suggestion. Therefore, you must reciprocate them by taking the time to understand their demands.

However, it would be best to be honest, and polite while replying. Also, it would be best to make your customers happy, and you can do them by adequately responding to their feature requests. 

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