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Top 5 Crypto Investment Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cryptocurrency investment is the smart work that makes you capable of earning money through money exchange.

Everyone wants to be rich in a small period. Some people prefer smart work and some of them prefer hard work. Cryptocurrency investment is the smart work that makes you capable of earning money through money exchange. To err is human; a human makes multiple mistakes which can lead to worse results.

“Crypto market never forgive any mistake” 

Make sure doing any of the investments you don’t do the silly mistakes. You must know that it can lead to a huge loss. If you keep this line in your mind, it will prevent you from making mistakes and blunders that mostly beginners perform. There are hard and fast rules in stock trading that you need to follow before investing in cryptocurrency. The mistakes are gradually done by the beginners during investments. You need to know about some of the rules of cryptocurrency to invest in so that you can avoid mistakes.


Practice Before Investing Real Money

To get knowledge about crypto trading you need to do countless hours of practice for it. Firstly try paper trading when you are getting master into it then invest real money. It might be quite boring for some people but it is just the way of getting experience and prevents you from the great loss. The Crypto market is not going anywhere if you will invest 2 months later. It’s not going to be closed or vanished but the experience of 2-3 months can make you champion and help you in investing your money pro-actively.

 No-Risk Management

There is a term known as stop losses that helps you to decrease the losses when your predicted trade goes south. Don’t be overconfident about it whatever your prediction results could be you must use stop losses otherwise it could be a great egoistic mistake. If you are not using stop loss, we advise you to use this feature to prevent the losses.

 Paying High Commission Cost

Paying brokerage fees can eat a large piece of your pie. It can consume a large number of your profits. You can search for those brokers who take fewer commission charges for trading and have high volume and liquidity. 

 Not Looking for Loss and Profit in Percentage

Beginners usually make a mistake in that they don’t check the loss and profit in absolute value. They just check in the entire value but not in the percentage gain or loss. Make your habit that you check your every achievement in cryptocurrency in the form of a percentage that will give you a crystal clear picture of profit and losses.

Lack of Analysis

Beginners use to do this mistake frequently that they start picking a popular cryptocurrency and trading in them. There are chances that for a sustained time, you will make good money till the end. You may know such terms due to which you can protect yourself from a big loss. 

What is the role of the coin?

Future perspective of cryptocurrency


Economy of tokens

By using these terms, create a list of tokens that you want to trade. Trading is exclusive for everyone you need to create your system for trading.

Trading on Other’s Suggestions

There are telegrams or other groups which are providing signals for purchasing and selling crypto but have no worth. As a beginner, it’s better to avoid such pump and dump schemes. These are not practical, because this suggestion might be given to thousands of people and hundreds of them may be adopted the advice, chances of ‘signals’ working are less. The smaller the group is more the chances of won. it may work in the smaller group having less than 20 people, and the owner is a pro trader. Such groups are usually paid. Don’t make your investment on the suggestion of others and any group notification. Grab the knowledge and think about that is it beneficial to invest or not. 

Plans for Trading

 When a person is going to make tea, he also knows the plan that what things would be needed, and what could be the process. You also need to have a specific plan before stepping into the world of crypto. You must be known to enter and exit plan the amount you will invest in the trade and how much loss you can take. 

Trading in The Feel of Revenge

 Not everyone has made his mind for accepting the losses, and then they end up getting into the revenge trader zone. Loss and profit both are part of any business. Getting frustrated from these will be harmful to you. In offense, you would attempt to take riskier trade to cut down your losses that attempts are known as revenge trader. You must have some qualities of patience and positivity because everyone is not perfect always the success will not kiss your feet.


As all the strategies have been discussedyou must focus on practicing. Practice makes a man perfect. No doubt some mistakes could be done on the first try, once you try then only you will learn that how to cure. These were some of the mistakes one could avoid so that he will get more benefit in cryptocurrency to invest. Thanks for your time and patience. Hope so it would be helpful for you.  


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