Top Five Portable Heaters Brands in Pakistan to Look Out For

Many regions of Pakistan have to face extreme cold during the winter and therefore you will find heaters in every other home. The first choice of consumers has always been gas heaters, but recently due to extreme supply issues of natural gas, people now keep electric heaters also to keep themselves warm. The electric heater uses electricity to produce heat and is much safer than the gas heater as it produces no gas or fumes. An electric room heater can be more efficient than a gas heater, but that depends on the heating element and heating capacity. 

There are many types of electric heaters available in the Pakistani market such as fan heaters, infrared heaters, oil-filled heaters, electric fireplaces, and others. Some of the heaters include Gree heater, Seco, Geepas, Delonghi, Philips, West Point, etc. The electric heater price ranges from as little as Rs.2000 to highly expensive ones, depending on the brand, type, quality, and heating capacity. Let us take a brief look at the 5 best portable heaters in Pakistan.

Gree Heater Range has Room Safe Heaters with a Long Serving Life. Gree is selling oil-filled heaters and a quartz tube electric heater. The quartz tube Gree heater has a compact size, but a powerful output. A very light heater which can easily be carried from one room to another. 

Low power consumption and provides heat sufficient for a small-sized room. An auto-power shut-off feature which makes it safe to use. It is priced at only Rs.6200, which is very affordable compared to the room heater price in the market. It is the best room heater one can get at this price.

An oil-filled heater is a type of convection heater, the oil is not use as fuel, but is heat by electricity through the process of convection. That means there will be no smell of fuel and no fumes. Gree oil filled heaters are available in two sizes. Both have the same operation and features, but one has 11 fins and the other has 13 fins. The greater the number of fins, the greater the thermal radiation. You can select three different power modes in both the heaters according to the temperature you want in your room. 

They have an auto shut-off feature in case the heater tips over. Both are equipped with an automatic thermostat and deliver a power of 2200 Watts. They are also equipped with overheat protection. You do not have to worry about the noise as both units are next to noiseless. The 11 fin heater is available for a price of Rs.19,900 and the 13 fins for Rs.21,900. Besides selling the best electric heater, Gree is offering these oil-filled heaters at very reasonable prices compared to the price of its competitors.

Delonghi Electric Oil-filled Heater and Fan Heaters Available in Pakistan

Delonghi is offering several sizes in the oil-filled heaters category. The 12 fins oil-filled heater has special thermal slots. A maximum heating power of 2500 Watts and a minimum heating power of 1100 Watts. It also has an automatic thermostat and safety shut-off feature. It is available for a price of Rs.29,000. There are other sizes also available in the oil-filled category. Delonghi also sells other types of heaters such as fan heaters and converter heaters. Delonghi Table-top fan heater is a portable heater that you can keep on a table anywhere in your home.

GEEPAS Heater Range includes Ceramic Fan and Oil Filled Heaters in Pakistan

GEEPAS is offering oil-filled heaters and ceramic wall heaters. The ceramic heater is a wall-mounted unit with two heat settings. It has a ceramic-based heating element and is equipped with oscillating louvers, auto power shut off, automatic & adjustable thermostat, and a LED display. The unit can be operated with a remote control making it one of the most convenient and among the best electric heaters. It is available for a price of Rs.14,800. 

GEEPAS also sells oil-filled heaters including 9, 11, and 13 fin and capacity heaters. They have three heat settings, adjustable thermostats, tip-over safety features, indicator light, and overheat protection. Price ranges from Rs.8000 to Rs.9500. GEEPAS is one of the best room heater manufacturers among others.

Sogo Heater Range includes Quartz Heaters, Halogen Heaters and Fan Heaters

Sogo sells many types of electric heaters including halogen heaters, fan heaters, ceramic heaters, and quartz heaters. Prices of sogo heaters range from Rs.2000 to Rs.11000 depending on which type of heater you purchase. The sogo halogen fan heaters are very affordable, but provide heat only to a small area. 

They serve the purpose of a portable electric heater and are good for personal use. The ceramic fan heater variety is more famous and has various capacities, from personal heaters to small size room heaters. The Sogo ceramic fan heater with 2200 watts power is sufficient for a large size room and is price at Rs.11,000. Check out their range to see if you can find the best portable heater for yourself.

What Have We Learned About the Best Electric Heaters Available in Pakistan?

There are many types of electric heaters available and we have already established that electric heaters are way safer and better than gas heaters. Within electric heaters there is now a broad range of products available and a person might get confuse. However, if you consider your requirement this confusion can be easily remove. If you are looking for just a personal heater, quartz or a small fan heater will be sufficient. However, for large rooms or homes with families, oil-filled heaters seem to be the most efficient solution. 

First, they produce heat through convection or heat transfer. Second, they provide heat through thermal radiation. There is no burning of fuel and there is no smoke. Electricity consumption can be reduce by selecting from three different heating modes. There are also no safety issues as with natural gas heaters. One can peacefully sleep without any fear for himself or his family members. Within the available oil-filled heater brands, we would recommend a famous household name like Gree. They have establish a name for themselves in the appliance market and their products are known for affordability, durability, quality, and reliability. Moreover, they are famous for providing quality customer service.

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