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Top Three Myths About Cycling

Top Three Myths About Cycling

Top Three Myths About Cycling

Is there a better form of exercise than cycling? It burns calories, tones up your muscles, and it’s a pretty handy way of getting you from A to B.Strip Club Name Generator

Despite this, lots of people – particularly women – don’t think cycling is for them. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

As a keen cyclist, I want to see lots more people getting on their bikes. So here are

However, the truth is that it’s not as dangerous as people think it is:

According to the UK cycling charity CTC, just one cyclist is killed on Britain’s roads for every 27 million miles cycled. You’re also more likely to be injured in an hour of gardening than an hour of cycling.

Not only that, adults who cycle regularly live an average of two years longer than their more sedentary counterparts. In fact, according to different studies, the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks by anything from 13 to 1, to a massive 415 to 1. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

That all said, if you’re not used to cycling in traffic it can be pretty intimidating, and it does help to know what you’re doing. That’s why most UK local authorities offer some form of free cycle training, to give you the skills to cycle safely and with confidence out on the roads.

2. “It’s all about men in Lycra”
When it comes to cycling, men currently outnumber women around three to one. And yes, a lot of those men do wear a lot of Lycra.

However, that’s all changing.

British Cycling is already a quarter of its way to its target of getting one million more women cycling by 2020. The number of women commuting by bike in the UK rose by 40% from 2008 to 2014. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

There are also a growing number of women-only rides – such as the Breeze program, run by British Cycling – as well as female-specific bike shops and a growing range of female-specific kits.

And if Lycra isn’t your thing, just leave it at home*. One of the wonderful things about cycling is that you can just do it in your ordinary clothes. In fact, there’s a whole trend – cycle chic – that’s all about people cycling in their normal clothes and looking good while doing so.

(*That said, if you’re planning to put in some serious miles on your bike, you might want to at least invest in a decent pair of padded shorts. Your bum will thank you for it.)

3. “You have to be really fit to cycle”
If you’ve ever watched the likes of Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome slog their guts out pedaling up a massive hill, you’d be forgiven for thinking you have to be superfit to cycle.

You don’t have to hurtle along like you’re trying out for Team GB. You can just pootle along, as slowly as you want, for as long or short a distance as you want. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

Not so.

If you go to cycle-friendly places like Copenhagen or the Netherlands, you’ll see people of all ages – from small children to pensioners in their 70s or 80s – on their bikes. Why? Because cycling is easy for anyone to do, at any age and any fitness level.

Cycling is particularly good for people who are overweight or who have joint problems, as it’s low impact. There are also adapted bikes available for people with disabilities.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike!

Katie Price: A Spiritual Stamp of our Era Part II

This is Part II of a two-part series on Katie Price. The first part is Katie Price: A Goddess in Her Own Right.

Katie Price’s Creative Contribution
She admits she never writes her books, which is a shame. However her ideas she gives out. She speaks into audio and had a ghostwriter. But she’s a fashion designer: from clothes to house products, hair, etc. She uses all has and puts it into an invention. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

Remember that verse In the bible about talents? Did God give us talents to use them, right? Katie Price isn’t the best of singers but she had an album with her ex-husband Peter Andre, she’s participated in the Eurovision song contest and even released a single Free to Love Again after her divorce. She has left nothing behind. Her brand is expanding that’s because she uses all she had and cleverly uses her fame to increase it. She’s the most successful glamour model, not only because she was a British woman who made it to Playboy- but because she expanded from there. In addition to money, her success flooded more riches her way. She exchanged creativity and gained wealth.

Ego & Soul: The Media & The Gemini Split
Katie Price’s media persona definitely serves as a metaphor for us all. She did seem to care what people thought of her, claiming that she used to act in rebellion when she was younger that she didn’t care, but now she acts insecure when journalists point imperfections. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

This egoist figure shows that this is ego. It’s the fact that we care to front what we are not just to please people and we work on our exterior before the interior. The Katie Price- who is brought to tears and admits to wanting to be loved and wants to give it is her soul. She says her Gemini star sign convincingly is the reason for the double act of Katie Price/ Jordan. Jordan – The Ego and Katie Price – the soul.

Her Love is Committed to her Children and Animals
This goes without saying. Her unconditional love for her children overrides anything, by far her grandest achievement. Her first son Harvey is disabled and she conducts such strength in her motherhood. She loves horses too. Even for her fans, it just is so circular, with no beginning and no end. Top Three Myths About Cycling…Busted

Funnily enough, Price doesn’t believe in God. In her memoir A Whole New World, she said that she believes when you die you die and that’s that. But to me, when that day for her comes she’d have done all she could on earth, nothing but a legacy and a well-lit soul. Some may contradict my view. As a spiritual being, I observe from the third eye perspective and I encourage you to do the same.


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