Top Tools and Software To Make Your Startup Successful in 2022

Tools & Software For Startups

As per a recent study, the startup failure rate is around 90%. And higher operating costs can also be considered as one of the reasons for it. Furthermore, such high operating costs may affect a startup’s budget. Therefore, as an aspiring entrepreneur, it is necessary for you to keep operating costs as low as possible. Here a task management tool can help you keep everything as per budget by equipping you with task optimization. As a result, your journey to make your startup successful becomes easier and ROI will also increase in the due course of time.

However, finding the best software can be a bit tricky. But now you do not need to worry as we will share the top software and tools here that will help you to make your workflows more productive to grow the startup. 

Must-have tools to make your startup successful

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has drastically hiked the need for advanced, simple, and productive digital solutions. These robust management solutions will help the startup owners to create a seamless collaboration within their team.

Apart from this, raising a team’s productivity level is essential to convert a new startup into a well-established business. Here are some important software and tools that will help you achieve this goal:

1. Project Management Tools 

Startup owners often face tough times in handling several projects at once and completing them within a fixed deadline. But with advanced project management software, startups can save a good amount of time in performing repetitive tasks. 

A project management software is a must-have for a startup owner to keep the customers and stakeholders updated over the project progress. Besides this, it is helpful in keeping the team members organized at work and letting the managers handle their tasks effectively.

Furthermore, a project management solution shows the past records of members that are involved in a specific project. As a result, the project manager can streamline the process accordingly. Also, a project tracker tool helps in identifying dependencies, creating timely deliverables, and distributing resources.

Zoho, Basecamp, MeisterTask, Teamwork, TaskOPad, Trello, JIRA, etc. are some well-known project management software.

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2. Business communication tools

Communication is the backbone for any business and this holds true for startups as well. A startup owner needs to communicate with team members, angel investors, clients, or with their partners frequently. In such times, business communication tools are like a boon for startups.

Innovative business communication tools let the users arrange online meetings, in-app messaging, and easy document sharing. Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, HipChat, etc. are some useful business communication tools that are helpful in strengthening a startup’s communication channel.

3. Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools are very useful for budding startups as they free up a good amount of time for them. This time can be used productively on generating new leads. An investment into an advanced CRM tool can benefit you in many ways like:

– Creating personalized experience across every platform

– Real-time visual representation of customer data 

– Automation of customer-centric sales and marketing channels

– Simplified collaboration and trustworthy reporting

Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Capterra, Zendesk, etc. are some of the popular CRM tools that will be helpful in increasing sales and repeat purchases. 

4. Email Marketing Tools

A report suggests that email marketing is helpful in creating an ROI of around 4400%. So if a startup implements email marketing then it will get a return of $44 for every single dollar spent. Sounds great?

A successful email marketing trend drives more traffic for a website. Along with this, email marketing tools are helpful in sending timely newsletter to clients, collecting feedback, generating more leads and automating communications with clients.

MailChimp, Sender, Send Pulse, Omni send, Mailjet, etc. are some popular email marketing tools that are essential for the long-term growth of the startup. 

5. Task Management Software

To make their business goals alive, budding startup owners can use innovative tools for task management. A task management software makes the stereotypical task planning management more organized and visually appealing for the startup owners. 

A task management tool enables the startups to access detailed information of their employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This will make the task delegation easier for the owner as they can identify relevant skills for a particular task.  

Airtable,, Flow, TaskOPad, ProofHub, Wrike, etc. are some robust task management tools that are essential for the startups to boost the bottom line and eliminate instances of human errors as much as possible.

6. Website Management Tools 

In this rapidly changing competitive world, having a website is essential for every business whether it is big or small. According to a source, global customers spend around 90% of their time surfing different websites. That is why a website is necessary for building a good online presence for your startup so that you can easily reach out to more and more customers. 

To achieve this goal, you should go for website management tools that can enable you to bring digital transformation into your startup. Moreover, a website is a cost-effective way to boost customer engagement more on social media as well.

Buffer, Yoast, WooCommerce, Magento, Hootsuite, etc. are the names of some well-known website management tools that will minimize the work for the startups that are involved with website development. 

Concluding Lines

The journey of establishing a startup is not so easy. However, some useful software and tools can help you get started efficiently. We hope that you have gained good clarity about popular tools and software that are vital for a startup’s growth. 


Annie William is a content cum digital marketer at TaskOPad, a leading Task Management Software . She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated for the latest time management and team task management tool. Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time as she can express insightful thoughts clearly.

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