Top Vendors for Behavioral Health EHR

When the EMR software industry initially started, behavioral health EHR vendors offered a limited number of options tailored to individual needs. As a result, most practitioners opted for more generic medical EHRs that weren’t quite right for them despite having unique templates tailored to their expertise. However, it’s safe to say that the tide has shifted in recent years. The demand for behavioral health software and mental health software systems grew as specialty clinics became more popular. 

A behavioral health software enables doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers to manage their clinical, administrative, and operational workflows. The software also keeps track of patient cases and outcomes, as well as ensures regulatory compliance. 

Top Behavioral Health EHR Vendors 


This EHR is designed for behavioral health, substance addiction, medication management, diagnostic examinations, and focused case management agencies of all sizes. CureMD, being one of the top behavioral health EHR vendors, offers various features, including clinical documentation, e-prescribing, electronic labs, workflow automation, and even speech recognition. 

This is maintains a comprehensive database of drugs and uses Surescripts to link with over 40,000 pharmacies to conduct requests, refills, and mail orders. There are numerous benefits to e-prescribing; two of the most significant are lower expenses and fewer drug errors. 

In addition, you can coordinate appointments for many locations with Cure MDs’ scheduling solution. Specialty equipment is assigned to the appropriate physician, exam room, and period using color-coded scheduling. Moreover, you can use the scheduling feature to verify a patient’s insurance, make appointments, and give alerts/notifications. 

CureMD’s clinical documentation links the behavioral health EHR with the practice management software and patient portal functionality to preserve patient data and give analytics. Based on the patient’s history and patterns, it can then collect clinical outcomes and reports. 

AdvancedMD EHR 

AdvancedMD is our next pick for the top behavioral health EHR vendors. It’s offers a robust EHR for small and medium-sized independent practices. In addition, you can help with scheduling, patient rooming, customizable templates, telemedicine, e-prescribing, and patient messaging, among other things. Moreover, behavioral health, dermatology, physical therapy, and different specializations are among the services provided by AdvancedMD EHR. 

AdvancedMD’s e-prescribing tool, like that of many other EHR providers, allows users to examine and sign prescription requests electronically regardless of their location. Patients can use the patient site to make appointments, send and receive messages, pay bills, and more. In addition, its telemedicine feature allows you to handle more patients without adding to your stress or time commitment. 

The mental health software from AdvancedMD also includes disorder-specific templates and can access patient notes from the EHR. This allows a psychiatrist or psychologist to evaluate and diagnose a patient, design treatment plans, and track the severity of the disease. 


Another cloud-based option for behavioral health and primary care clinics of all sizes is DrCloudEHR. Appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, support, revenue cycle management, document management, and workflow management are components of this software. 

In addition, DrCloudEHR, like other cloud-based behavioral health EHR solutions, may be accessible via laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. For example, you can generate, populate, and amend consent documents using DrCloudEHR’s document management tool; patients and staff can also record signatures online. In addition, when you upload test reports, legal paperwork, and hospital discharge letters, the software scans them and organizes them in a virtual filing cabinet. 


TherapyNotes, another behavioral health EHR vendor, is ideal for behavioral health practitioners such as therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other behavioral health professionals. Scheduling and to-do lists, billing, claims administration, documentation, a patient portal, and technical assistance are just a few of TherapyNotes’ capabilities. 

TherapyNotes is a software that combines EMR and practice management features. You may also keep track of clinician schedules, patient appointments, and billing within the scheduling software. 

The practice management system by TherapyNotes offers one-click electronic claim filing, credit/debit card processing, and the ability to generate patient statements, superbills, and financial reports. The customer service by TherapyNotes is a significant benefit. TherapyNotes, unlike many other alternatives, offers limitless technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, TherapyNotes EHR software is affordable and cost-effective for your behavioral health practice, starting at $59 per month. 

Cerner Behavioral Health 

Cerner Behavioral Health EHR, like many other solutions, focuses exclusively on hospital clients. It has tools and capabilities for behavioral health workflows, including data analytics, a unified EHR, interoperability, patient eSignature, and a patient portal. Cerner is well-suited for today’s mobile healthcare providers, including road notes and other applications. 

Cerner’s behavioral health strategy combines patient data with other providers such as hospitals and long-term post-acute care institutions. This system connects behavioral health data with other providers so that patients can be cared for across the continuum of care and receive a more accurate diagnosis. 

Cerner RoadNotes allows you to electronically analyze medical data and document patient information while providing mobile care in the patient’s home. In addition, Cerner HomeWorks, the company’s back-office scheduling solution and behavioral health billing software for behavioral health specialists, allows you to sync the information. 

Interaction between health organizations and their clients is made quick and easy with the patient portal. Patients may access their medical records, receive updates, and contact their doctors in real-time. 

Overall, Cerner is one of the best behavioral health EHR vendors. Cerner Behavioral Health EHR is designed for medium- to large-sized healthcare companies.

Our Recommendation 

Keep in mind your behavioral health facility’s unique objectives and needs. As well as the challenges you’re currently dealing with when looking for behavioral health EHR solutions. For example, while both cloud-based and on-premise healthcare technology systems have benefits. Some clinics will benefit more from one than the other.  

Specialty clinics like mental health centers. For example, might benefit more from a cloud-based system than a hospital with multiple departments. Furthermore, on-premise solutions necessitate your own IT personnel to handle updates and concerns. Overall, we hope you find the ideal behavioral health EHR for your practice.  

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