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Trek Valley Of Flowers World Heritage Listed


Valley of flower Trek is very vast, has endless meadows and in 1982 it was declared a national park. Now it’s a site of world patrimony. High – 12140 feet. It’s home to endangered species and rare animals if you didn’t know it. You will also find high altitude birds such as Himalayan Monal Pheasant from Asian black bears, snow leopards, muscular bears, red fox and blue sheep, and even birds in the valley of flowers.


Think about the days when during the monsoon your eyes stuck in one of the most beautiful valleys in Uttarakhand, India. Valley of flowers rejuvenate your soul literally and remind you of your journey.


The valley welcomes you not only with its flowers but also with the huge throat and small streams that flow through. Following hours of hard trekking, your heart will beat and the enthusiasm will electrify “Boom” into the vast and never-ending valley of the dead. The feeling is so fascinating and sensational. That will remind you of the hours you have struggled to come to witness the magic that can melt everybody’s heart.


About Valley Of Flowers Trek


A few hours of trekking would be rather difficult, but you will forget everything as soon as you reach the valley. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the valley. Watch the moon as it rises


Midnight, with your friends and family lying in the tent, shivering at the stars for millions of light-years. See the various floral species. Touring eyes this would be a treat, as you witness various kinds of Himalayan flowers. The variety of Alpine flowers, representing the western Alpin Shrub and the meadow eco-region, gained so much importance and adorned this place. The valley is also blessed with different colors


Flowers, with different color shades as time progressed. One of the most famous is Brahma Kamal. The flora of the Himalayas, seen in the month of July-August.


Valley Of Flowers Trek World’s Highest Sikh Temple


In addition, it is a hard and sturdy climb to Govindghat and Hemkund Sahib Ji. But the exciting climb and adventure will certainly give you some refreshments!


Explore the highest gurudwara of the world, “Hemkund Sahib Ji,” at 4400 meters above sea level.


Beyond its beauty, a lake that remains frozen for six months lies just behind the Gurudwara. Govind Singh Ji, the 10th Sikh faith guru, was meditating in ancient times on the shore of this lake.


The clear Hemkund Lake thus is peaceful and serene, with the Brahma Kamals on the banks growing in abundance.


You would not be surprised to know that there are few hiking routes such as Flowers Valley that provide some beautiful hiking routes, such as Hemkund Sahib. The Hemkund Sahib Ji Valley is also known, running 10 km to the south parallel.


Valley Of Flowers Trek: The Floral Dreamland!


Enter the Valley of Flowers, divine valley and colorful sky, with its impeccable beauty you can’t speak because carpeted alpine flowers that spread magnificent aromas make the valley more like a dream country.


Moreover, it has also been thought that Lord Hanuman gathered Sanjeevani Buti from here to cure Laxman, and this valley was inhabited by fairies according to local beliefs. It’s a fairyland, no wonder.


The prominent flowers are Blue Poppy, Dog Flower, Hooked Stick Seed, Snake Feet, Himalayan Rose and Mead Geranium.


Joshimath Base camp in the Flowers Valley Trek


It is, in the midst of the high Himalayan peaks, a picturesque city in Chamoli at an elevation of 1875 m. It is the basis of 10 Himalayan trekking camps and the portal to famous pilgrimage sites such as Dham Badrinath and Sahib Ji Hemkund.


The presence of ancient temples makes spirituality in the air. It houses one of Adi Shankar Acharya’s four “Math” “Atharva Veda.” The quiet charm of Joshimath is beyond cities cacophony.


You will surely be invited to come here again and again by the rivers of the rivers and the silent streams covered by green and pious old temples in the area.


Why To Choose Valley Of Flowers Trek?


  • Valley Of Flower, of course, is an Indian National Park in the Uttarakhand state of the district of Chamoli.


  • It is really important before going on the itinerary to see the reason behind a flowers’ trek in the valley.


  • First of all, a total of 568 kilometers by Taxi and 42 kilometers by foot, to be covered in five days for 6 days.


  • Flowers’ Valley is Uttarakhand’s best trek in the Himalayas.


  • For family, students, beginners, altitude 12140 feet – this is the best trek (3700 Meter). Do you need the right equipment and clothing for sub-zero winter??


  • In one place you had to see so many heavenly corpses as the panorama of the Himalayans, the Flowers Valley, the pine forest, a variety of flora and fauna, which surpasses the true Garhwali culture and heritage.


  • Make free time in interact with local people and you will learn some of the Indian mythological ancient tales. And our culture of Garhwali


  • Gorgeous landscapes with the right photo equipment and Extra battery backup.




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