Types of olympiad


As nowadays the popularity of olympiad examinations has increased a lot and the level of competition. Olympiad examinations also prepare students for future competitive examinations. Students can check their problem-solving and analytical skills. Students can appear for olympiads by visiting the School Connect Online website. They can get all the details of the dates and syllabus. Olympiads exams can provide the opportunity to take part with students all over India and to develop competitive skills.

Types of olympiad

  • English olympiad:

    The International English Olympiad(IEO) is an English language and grammar competition for students in classes 1 to 12.
    Students can check their English language proficiency by appearing in the international English olympiad. They can appear at the international level. Students can check their grammatical and communication skills. They can prepare for advanced and complex control over the English language. Appearing for this test will give students a deep conceptual understanding of the basic concepts of the English language. Hence, prepares them for the academic years to come. For any student wishing to attempt the international English Olympiad, knowledge of the IEO curriculum is a prerequisite IEO syllabus covers all the topics from which questions will be framed in the exam. registration is now open for IEO 2022.

  • Artificial Intelligence olympiad :

    Artificial intelligence olympiad allows machines to work efficiently and solve problems.
    Students having a keen interest in AI can appear in Artificial Intelligence Olympiad. For instance, School Connect Online organizes competitions for high school and university students to test their technical AI skills and interdisciplinary knowledge on applying AI in various fields of science. The main objective of such an annual event is to revel in AI, make it accessible to young students and show the power of AI approaches and tools in the hands of youth with a pioneering spirit.

  • Maths olympiad :

    Students can check and enhance their mathematics skills by appearing in the international mathematics olympiad which is a premier exam conducted every year at the national level. Basically, the Maths olympiad also helps in building academic knowledge. There are two stages in IMO . However, The first level basically consists of reasoning and basic maths questions. Moreover, the second level is conceptual maths questions. Students can register online IMO 2022 to excel in the fields of maths and have a deeper understanding of topics. So that they can maths as their future subject.

  • Coding olympiad :

    The coding olympiad is a coding competition for grade 1 to 12th students. build apps, websites, and games at India’s largest coding competition.

    Although, the national coding olympiad gives students a unique opportunity to test their coding skills at the national level. It gives a platform to young programmers to showcase their talents and have coding as a topic to understand deeply.

  • Science Olympiad : 

    The national science olympiad is an annual school-level competitive exam organized at the national level for those students who are studying in class 1 and above.NSO is an annual scholarship exam that tests students’ scientific reasoning, skills, and logical is conducted on two levels each year. Hence, Questions are divided into two sections .verbal, nonverbal reasoning, science and high order thinking questions so prepare accordingly.NSO or National Science Olympiad gives students a platform to make science an interesting subject to learn.

Questions are conceptually based on olympiad exams. For instance, good preparation for olympiad exams will be possible only when you have a stronghold on basic concepts.

It is very important for the students to apply on time to prepare for the Olympiad exams. However complete information related to olympiad examinations(like eligibility, free, etc)is available on School Connect online. It is an integrated learning platform for students. As a result, the Olympiad exams will also help students to improve their time management skills. Students can gain better analytical and logical skills which are very important for all-round development.

School Connect Online provides students with the opportunity to learn, compete and achieve success in the academic field. In conclusion, students who want to prepare for the olympiads can visit here to get the detailed syllabus and practice previous year’s papers.

Why students should enroll for olympiads:
  1. Boost confidence.
  2. Develop time management.
  3. Adds extra points in academics.
  4. Motivates competitive skills.
  5. The awards and merits of the olympiad provide students the extra motivation. They need to study for exams and this olympiad.
  6. Provides extra knowledge to understand topics clearly.
  7. Aims at building strong logical and problem-solving skills.

So, on the whole, the olympiad exams are a better way to increase your knowledge in the field of Science, Maths, English, and coding.

Good Luck Students!%

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