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Types Of Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds


Ottoman beds item is a low backless sofa. There is an ottoman with rollers, armrests or a roller – headboard. In terms of its dimensions, the ottoman is much smaller than a standard sofa, but slightly larger and wider than a sofa.

Initially, the ottoman beds was the queen of oriental furniture. There she was standing in every house, covered with cloth or cloth. Numerous pillows served as a kind of headboard. A little later, the fashion for the Ottoman came to Europe and Russia. Currently, manufacturers offer a variety of models: an ottoman with a headboard, an ottoman with a mattress, an ottoman with drawers for linen.

The ottoman is very convenient as it can serve not only as a place to rest for a day, but also as a complete additional place for a night’s sleep. It can be installed in the children’s room (due to its small size) or in the guest room. Due to the presence of drawers for linen, an ottoman can serve as a chest of drawers, an additional storage place.

Very often you can find an ottoman in the store, which is equipped with a folding mechanism. The back falls, the berth breaks down in length. This allows you to get a complete single bed with small furniture dimensions.


The sister and compatriot of the ottoman is the sofa. She also came to us from the east. The sofa-couch appears in Europe only at the end of the 17th century and immediately gains popularity among the local aristocracy. At the time, the sofa was a small, comfortable living room with armrests and a high back. The sofa-couch was made exclusively for living rooms, where nights and receptions were held. Therefore, the furniture had to be compact and narrow. At that time, a sofa was made of fine wood, upholstered with silk or velvet. Numerous pillows were filled with goose down and were a luxurious addition.

Sofa, sofa – furniture, which in the last century was very popular. In Country Houses have a palm set of sofa and two chairs in Soviet union.. But today they began to once again become the favorites of designers. The sofa returns from suburban exile and becomes a bright spot in the interior.

The modern sofa differs from the ancestors in large sizes. It has a small back height, but a decent bed width. If before the sofa was just a place to rest during the day, today it is a full-fledged place to sleep. The folding sofa is very convenient for small rooms. Such furniture will save space in the room and will be a comfortable place to sleep.


The design of such a theme is quite simple. The folding sofa has a special removable mechanism, with the help of which the length of the furniture becomes significantly longer. The comfortable design allows you to place such a sofa in any room, even a small kitchen. When folded, the sofa is small and compact. And when unfolded, it becomes an additional bed for guests or owners who want to relax.

Manufacturers also offer unusual options for this type of furniture. The corner sofa will also save space in the room, making it lighter and visually more spacious.


The history of the canape sofa begins in France in the 17th-18th centuries. At that time, the Baroque style in which this furniture was made was very popular in Europe. Initially, that couch and a couch were hard to name. It was a soft chair or a cloth bench. Over time, these two options come together and become more similar to the modern versions of the sofa-couch.

This option has become particularly popular in the United States and European countries. It is a symbiosis of a sofa and an upholstered ottoman. Most often, mahogany, cherry and walnut are used for production.


The current trend in the world of furniture is that the limits and the difference between the types of sofas are gradually blurred. Furniture becomes more functional, compact and versatile. In stores, you can often find in the price list the names: sofa-sofa, sofa-couch and other variations. The constructions and folding mechanisms are also diverse: book, telescope, folding bed.

Bed: a complete bed with a headboard and footboard, traditionally used for sleeping.
Sofas (folding and regular) – upholstered multifunctional furniture, the characteristic feature of which is the backrest and armrests. A bunk bed is also conveniently obtained: at its base there are soft springs, foam rubber or other synthetic materials that have elastic properties and allow to evenly distribute the load on the bones and muscles of the skeleton during sleep.

Sofa – symbiosis of a sofa and a bed. Like the sofa, it has a backrest, but the sofa does not fold, while the armrests and the backrest are the same height. Previously, mattresses filled with horsehair or wool were also placed on the wooden frame of the sofa, which were later replaced by springs and foam rubber. This is most often one and a half or a double seating area, which is complemented by numerous pillows of different sizes and shapes.

The wide ottoman beds is also not transformed, but, unlike the sofa, it does not have a backrest, but there may be a soft cushion at the headboard. This bed is also complemented by pillows, which replace the missing backrest.

The sofa is always narrow and, as a rule, with a low headboard, soft and comfortable enough to sleep on, even without a pillow.


Of course, the most comfortable bed is a bed with an orthopedic mattress. But for her, as a rule, she needs a special bedroom, which is not always possible in small apartments and the lack of a sufficient number of rooms. In these conditions, you can sleep well on a folding sofa, as well as an ottoman beds or sofa, which is more suitable for your room interior and its size. Often this furniture is foldable, back down, equipped with drawers for bedding, which makes it multifunctional and allows you to use it as a place to sit or rest and to sleep.

Therefore, in a one- or two-room apartment without a sofa, couch or ottoman beds it simply cannot be done. But the sofa for a night’s sleep is an unsuitable place, and it is unlikely that you will be able to sleep well on it, it is too narrow. It is convenient to fall asleep during the day or just lie down with a book.
In modern furniture, buyers especially appreciate having a good set of options at an economical price. One of the realizations of these requirements is an ottoman. Let’s see what the difference is between it and the sofa, and what advantages a person who decides to buy an ottoman receives.


Similar to the sofa, but lower, it takes up less space – modern housing construction requires compactness, furniture that can replace several objects at once. Ideal for owners of studio apartments in three parameters at the same time: rest, bedding storage, the subject of the guest’s situation.


A popular question is: how is an ottoman beds different from a sofa? The sofa is designed to sit, so it is made smaller. Squat ottoman, wider, more sleeping area. Provides a comfortable sleep. It is characterized by external simplicity. Less décor – Lower price for a broader set of features. Sofas are purchased more voluntarily when additional beds are required If the main purpose of the purchase is a dream, choose a more versatile option, that is, In your case, it will be better to buy an ottoman.


With the development of the furniture industry, large-format furniture has been popular for a long time. For an inexperienced buyer, it is not clear how the ottoman differs from a sofa, which is distinguished by its large armrests and backrest. When deployed it requires additional preparation for sleep. Without a proper cover, a rare sofa allows you to rest comfortably. Ottoman ready to use immediately. It is enough to cover the mattress with a sheet or quilt.


Few people use the bed during the day, especially when it comes to entertaining. The only room where the bed would be appropriate is the bedroom. What makes an ottoman different from a bed is that it looks good in the living room, nursery, and bedroom. The beds lack the transformation ability, which would save space. Podkrovatny boxes more spacious. But the functions are less at a comparable cost, a spacious closet can handle the storage of things more efficiently.


Many are afraid to buy an ottoman, not understanding why the furniture is hard. Our body rests more effectively on a less smooth surface. For bones and ligaments, a soft sofa or bed with some physiological characteristics is not shown. By resting on a hard surface, we allow the body to take a correct position and relieve tension after a long day.


Different models can be unfolded or transformed: the upper part is raised or the entire structure can be folded into one type of sofa. The most popular option – “eurobook”. It combines the simplicity of the mechanism, reliability, low cost and space saving. For folding furniture of this type, you need to pull the bottom towards you. Deciding for yourself which mechanism is better, it is optimal to buy an ottoman beds with the “eurobook” mechanism.


It happens that people who have bought an ottoman face the problem of its creaking. There are many reasons for this:

low-quality assembly, which sin producers without sufficient experience;
loosening of mechanisms over time, which is resolved by timely prevention;
sometimes the mattress is to blame for springs worn out over time.
When choosing furniture for sleeping and lounging, consumers often decide to buy an ottoman beds, which you can choose from among the companies in the TAM.BY catalog. Comfortable furniture with many advantages will save space and family budget.

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