Unknown Facts You Must Learn About Estrogen Test

Latest Facts You Must Learn About Estrogen Testing

Estrogen level test is an excellent way for determining the health concerns especially regarding menopause, fertility and puberty. Estrogen is classified into 3 primary groups called estriol (E3), estradiol (E2) and estrone (E1). This hormone is the key for maintaining the health of reproductive organs and bones.

It is normal to observe the fluctuation in the level more often but excessive low or high proves to be perilous. At that time you have to perform hormone test for women by undergoing blood test that comprises 3 tests such as:

  • E3 or Estriol is the hormone found in women’s body at the time of pregnancy
  • E2 or Estradiol is the hormone found in women’s body when they haven’t conceived
  • E1 or Estrone is the hormone found in women’s body post menopausal phase

Continue reading this blog to know how it attributes to the overall health and its significance.

Who can undergo estrogen test?

Testing for estrone and estradiol can be recommended for the below symptoms:

  • Post menopause bleeding from vagina
  • Menstrual cycle problem
  • Infertility
  • Menopausal indications like irregular period, night sweats and hot flashes

Hormone therapy can be obtained for treating the menopausal symptoms. But sometimes E2 or E1 test are also prescribed to monitor the treatment. These tests are also recommended in the girls who have developed lately or early sex organs fully. E3 is preferred at the time of pregnancy due to its act like key estrogen yet for a temporary basis.

Abnormal estriol level is the indication that there is something wrong with health of the baby inside the foetus so more tests are yet to come in your way. Many other tests can be needed for tracking the changes of the level of estrogen over the course of time.

Estrogen test in males

Males’ body possesses estrogen hormone too but in comparison to women the level is relatively lower. However, extreme lowness or highness in the level of estrogen in men can cause numerous health issues.

At that time, men are suggested performing estrogen level test for the following reasons:

  • To check if there is delayed puberty
  • For diagnosing enlarged breasts in male, condition known as gynaecomastia
  • Detecting the tumour spiking up the estrogen
  • If there is a lowness in androgen and testosterone level due to high estrogen level

Testing procedure for estrogen level

Special preparation is not needed for undergoing estrogen test. But it is essential to resist the consumption of anything on a prior note for the sake of accurate blood test report. However, you must share the information of taking supplements and medications primarily to your doctor.

Women should speak up for hormone therapy and birth control pills they are taking currently. Or else it will interfere with your test report affecting the accuracy completely.

Blood, saliva or urine sample can be asked for to check the estrogen level. Check out how the tests are performed from here:

Saliva test- It can be performed using at-home kit. Ask your doctor which kit will be effective for you. Also inquire about the preparatory ways for collecting the sample in adequate amount and right manner.

24-hour urine test- In this procedure, a container will be offered to you by the doctor for the collection of urine sample for 24-hour period. Every information regarding the proper storage of the collected sample will be shared to your by your doctor. At last, your sample will be analysed at the accredited lab.

Blood test- In this procedure, search for a clinic nearby using- ‘hormone test near me’ online to undergo the test. A healthcare professional or phlebotomist will collect the blood sample from the vein of your arm which will be lately analysed in the laboratory.

Estrogen test report

Gender and age of a person are two attributing factors for determining the estrogen level- if it is normal or not! It gets badly impacted when a woman conceives a baby due to which, menstrual cycle gets affected as well.

Both lower and higher level of estrogen can’t assist in the proper diagnosis of any medical complexity. It only guides the doctor for detecting the root cause for experiencing such abnormal symptoms and signs in the body.

However high E2 or E1 level in girls just reached puberty clearly indicates the formation of tumours in their ovaries. In men, high level indicates formation of tumours in testicles and delayed puberty which will get ended up with gynaecomastia.

It can also cause the following problems irrespective of the gender:

  • Adrenal glands tumour
  • Liver damage (Cirrhosis)
  • Hyperthyroidism

If there is high level for E3 in pregnant women then it is pointing that labour is going to take place soon.

Lower level of estrogen in females can point towards numerous medical conditions like;

  • Eating disorder
  • Failed pregnancy (dropping of estriol level)
  • Poor functioning of the ovaries
  • Lower pituitary hormones level
  • Turner syndrome (genetic complexity resulted from missing or abnormality of X-chromosome)

However, you’ll be surprised to know that estradiol level gets declined naturally post menopausal period.

Other available tests

On the basis of your symptom and estrogen test report, the doctor can prescribe further tests for coming to the exact diagnosis. The very typical test includes measuring of the FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) level.

It stimulates the production of egg in ovaries by monitoring the regular period cycle. On the other hand, it promotes the sperm production in males. LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH are checked whenever FSH becomes the prime concern despite of the gender.

You can ask the doctor any question regarding your health condition and hormone levels. By sharing the symptoms you are experiencing at present your doctor will be able to determine the accurate test for proper diagnosis. Later you can derive more information about the issue from the healthcare provider itself.

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