VoIP Conference Calling, Benefits of VoIP Conference

Telephone operators have been offering conference calling for years as a communication feature. But usually, it’s costly and bundled with other redundant features which a company might not require. That made conference calling unaffordable for businesses, particularly small businesses. Additionally, it was never easier to set up an audio or video conference call. According to the latest technology and the phone solution in use, setting up an audio or video conference phone call can be just as time taking as organising an in-person meeting.

VoIP Conference Calling


The launch of VoIP technology has altered the value of conference calls. VoIP technology actually uses an internet connection to transmit digital voice signal and it does not matter if there are 2 or 20 individuals on the call. If you have adequate bandwidth and a high-speed broadband connection, VoIP audio conferencing can be just as clear as a usual VoIP phone call.

How is VoIP Conferencing calling help businesses? 


VoIP phone streamlines the setting up and configuration of conference calls as well. You can change a regular call into an audio conference phone call and vice versa easily. Also, businesses can use video as part of a conference phone call, making the feature a complete substitute for in-person conversations. However, what If some people do not have access to a camera to join a video conference call?

VoIP conference calling is quite flexible, a few participants might join with the video whilst others may stick to audio. All the participants in a call can take turns to present their material, they can also mute their end of the call, or they can drop in or out of the meeting according to their convenience. Conference calls with VoIP can save money and time in several significant ways. Companies can use conference calling in different ways which include:

  • A Collaborative Tool

A very few people actually like spending the majority of their time in meetings, however, they are an important part of communicating and collaborating as a team. Generally, meetings are arranged to update the project team on the status of different projects, communicate key changes within the company, and also are essential to training sessions in several businesses. However, that does not mean the meetings need to be painfully long, dull and take a long time to set up.

VoIP Conference calling feature:


VoIP Conference calling feature, particularly with the component of video can substitute in-person meetings in offices. Call Conferencing can dramatically decrease meeting times by almost half, and also streamlines the collaboration procedure. Project teams that do not have the chance to meet up in person can actually benefit a lot from this feature. You do not need to limit tour team meetings to 1 or 2 every month and can arrange meetings as regularly as the project requires by making conference calls.

  • Conference Calling for Telecommuting 

All businesses want to employ the best individuals for a specific job. However, why limit yourself to individuals who live in the local area? VoIP business telephone systems, messaging software and conference calls are some tools that can allow remote working for your employees. You can now hire individuals from anywhere around the world for key roles. Since you never know where the finest applicant for the job lives. The capability of remote working can be a big temptation to attract the best talent.

  • Conference Calling for Environmental Sustainability

Caring for the sustainability of the environment has long been considered a marketing tool or a bonus by businesses. However, a lot of successful businesses nowadays view environmental sustainability as an essential segment of their ethos and culture. Discerning consumers demand to know where the product that they use comes from. And are worried about the environmental impact of company decisions. Upgrading to VoIP conference call can reduce your carbon footprint dramatically and can help the community as well.

Benefits of VoIP Conference Calling 


Conference calling removes the need for travelling of any sort. This means that the international teams can meet as regularly as they have to, without the concern of accumulating fuel miles. Additionally, participants of the call do not need to have paper and a pen to take notes. They also do not have to print any material for distribution either. They can just record the whole session for those who were unable to join the call. Conference calls are not at all new to the business world, nonetheless, VoIP technology has transformed it into a more valued tool.

Also, conference calls can be a significant tool for the recruitment procedure as you can weed out the suitable candidates via video interviews rather than wasting your time in arranging meetings with each individual who interviews with your company. With conference calling you can meet up with the top three or four people before employing the best candidate. It can save time for job hunters and your hiring team.

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