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Using Food Supplements and Immune Boosters to Make Your Body Healthier

With the increased risk of illness and disease linked to unbalanced diets, America’s population is turning more to food supplements and immunity boosters to keep them healthy. With America importing food products from other countries, Americans are not only becoming healthier, but they are getting what they need to stay healthy. But are food supplements and immunity boosters the answer for our country’s security? Let’s find out.

Food Supplements

One of the most popular food supplements and immunity boosters in America is Vitamin C. It is no surprise that Vitamin C is America’s most consumed food supplement. More than three-quarters of America’s food supply is comprised of Vitamin C. And Vitamin C does more than just make us healthy – it is actually a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent the growth of cancer cells. In addition to boosting our immune system, Vitamin C can stimulate our cell growth so that we can increase our energy levels.

Zinc Fortified

Another popular food supplement and immunity booster are zinc. More than half of America’s food supply is zinc-fortified. Zinc works to boost our immune system, reduce cholesterol, and control asthma and allergies. While there are many different forms of zinc, the more common ones include Vitamin E, zinc oxide, and colloidal zinc.

Fight for Disease

As a food supplement, food supplements can help support your body’s ability to fight disease and illness. There are many types of food supplements to choose from. One type of food supplement is glutamine, which supports your body’s glutamine supply. Glutamine is the amino acid in our muscle tissue that helps your cells absorb glucose. Our muscles use glucose as energy. Glutamine deficiency is common among athletes, people recovering from illnesses, and women during menopause.

Consider is Choline

Another food supplement to consider is choline. Choline is a compound found in lecithin, a fatty substance found in egg yolks and dairy products. It is used to neutralize the effect of free radicals in your immune system. Free radicals are nasty substances that steal electrons from healthy cells and cause cellular damage.

Prepackaged Food Products

The best food supplements for your immune system are organic or raw foods. To improve your immune system naturally, you need to limit your exposure to synthetic chemicals, synthetic additives, and pesticides. Avoid processed meats and prepackaged food products as much as possible. Instead, eat plenty of raw or fresh meat, and avoid prepackaged products such as cereal bars. Fresh food supplements and detoxification diets can strengthen your immune system and help you prevent illness.

To have a healthy immune system, you need more than food supplements. You also need to minimize stress and minimize your exposure to illness and injury. A good way to do that is to get enough sleep, exercise, and reduce your level of stress. If you do all of these things, you will strengthen your immune system naturally and have a boost of energy to make it through the tough times.

Immune System

To have a healthy immune system, you should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and choose lean proteins over fatty meats. You should drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. You should take one to two food supplements each day to enhance your natural defenses and to maintain your optimal health. By choosing foods from your home garden, preparing meals yourself, and using food supplements, you can make food supplements and immune system better and ensure that you and your family stay healthy.

Particular dangers for unique populace organizations Despite having a position withinside the fitness of a few individuals, now no longer all dietary supplements are beneficial for everybody. In fact, for a few people, it isn’t always really helpful to take positive dietary supplements, specially in excessive doses.  foods.

Individuals need to pay precise interest to analyzing the label and guarantee that a complement is appropriate for them. For pregnant woman, for example, dietary supplements containing nutrition A (retinol) such as fish liver oil can be dangerous and motive delivery defects if the encouraged dose is substantially surpassed, or surpassed over an prolonged length of time. Studies have additionally highlighted that people who smoke need to be cautious of a few dietary supplements, specially excessive doses of beta-carotene. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has taken into consideration the proof on this place and has concluded that publicity to β-carotene beneath 15 mg/day is secure withinside the trendy populace, such as people who smoke.


The general message is: observe a healthy, balanced diet, cautiously examine labels of dietary supplements and fortified foods.Keep away from taking more than one doses that exceed the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDAs). I

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