What are Countersinks, Their Types and Applications?

Countersink is basically a cone shaped hole that is drilled or bored into things that are already manufactured. It could be various types of surfaces like wood or metal. Countersink bits are considered useful in such regards but normal drills with different drill bits shapes can also be used for such purposes incase if you don’t want to use a specific bit. Countersink bits come in various forms, shapes and sizes and each has their own application. For example countersinks can be used to neaten or smoothen the edges of drill holes or these can also be used to countersink screws. Mostly countersinks deal with already drilled holes because they cannot cut through the whole thing so their major use is post processing of already drilled holes. You can purchase these countersink bits at an electronic components store either online or at a physical store whichever is more convenient for you. We will take a lot at a few of the countersinks along with their applications.


The head of this countersink is in a cone shape. This cone shape is very useful for smoothening out already drilled holes making them neater or you can say post processing is what they do. In such case you need to consider the various angles that have different applications. For example a 60° angle is useful for deburring and a 90° can be used for countersinking screws. When countersinking for a smooth finish the number of cutting edges will be odd. There are many countersinks that have different types of cutting edges and such have more precise applications. You can buy such countersinks at an electronic components store.

Cross-Hole Cutter

This type of countersink has a drill hole across it which is its special feature. To the countersink axis these countersinks have a 45° slanting hole. This hole in the countersink gives it two cutting edges. For preventing the chips from getting jammed in between the drill and the work piece the chip is transmitted through the hole. Counter-hole cutters are very less often caught up in the material. If you want a countersink that is easy to handle and can achieve very sleek smooth finish for you then cross-hole cutters are a good choice. You can easily find them at an electronic components store. But before making the purchase you always need to be sure of the purpose you will use it for so you can purchase the right one according to its application. Otherwise you might ruin the work and end up roughening the surfaces you meant to smoothen up.

Flat Countersink

These type of countersinks have a different shape than others which is more cylindrical. Cylinder head screws, hexagon head screws and nuts require flat countersinks for countersinking. There is a still guide at the tip of this countersink, this fixed guide is then inserted into the already drilled hole. The guide is mainly for the reason to stabilize the drilling process and result in a more smooth and precise finish. It has its cutting edges that makes space for the screw but cutting through the material. Then in the surfaces in which spaces are made for the screws, the hexagon and cylinder head screws are inserted. For through hole and thread core hole are the two types of flat countersinks. The differences rely mostly based on the work pieces in which the screws are inserted. The through hole countersink’s guide is larger than that of thread core hole. You can buy electronic components UK either online or at physical stores.

Shell Sinker

In shell sinker a subset is mounted on a curve drill. Along these lines, the penetrating with the wind drill and the ensuing sub setting can be done in just one working advance.

Since counter bores are just reasonable for penetrating in wood, wood-based materials or plastic, we do exclude them in our item range. Buy electronic components UK easily at an online electronic components store.

Cutting Speed

While sub setting apply less power on the grounds that sub setting requires just little granulating pressure. Other than the crushing pressing factor you ought to likewise focus on the cutting rate. Particularly with hard materials, similar to hardwood or metal, you ought to pick an extremely low speed. The more slowly the better. The subset doesn’t rattle and it doesn’t get excessively hot. In this manner the service life isn’t adversely influenced.

When you are going to purchase a countersink bit for such purposes getting information from the above types. It will help you decide which ones would the best for you. buy electronic components UK at online stores.

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