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What are Online marketing plans

Campaign – How do you reach new and existing customers?

How do new customers get in touch with your company faster and easier? How is your direct competition developing? What online opportunities do you see within other channels?

These are just a few questions that might make you think. Devising a good strategy requires attention, preparation and discussing the opportunities and possibilities.

When shaping the strategy, pay close attention to the results and insights achieved in the past year (and before). Well-designed marketing channels, customer and acquisition files and easily measurable websites are indispensable factors for assessing these results. Together with the operational and financial management, this forms a good basis for the (refined) online strategy for 2019.

Have you defined your key challenges, KPIs and ambitions in your online marketing strategy for 2019? Then it is time for the next step: the translation on the following 4 parts. Along with Online Marketing , you can also boost socialmedia Marketing with Buying TikTok Views Malaysia.

Campaign – How do you reach new and existing customers?

Online there are many possibilities to get in touch with new and existing customers and to stay in touch. Think of the use of paid advertisements via search engines, digital advertising networks, e-mail marketing, the findability of your website, but also partnerships, participation in events or the use of telemarketing.

In the campaign mix you work on: reach, visibility, findability and visits to your website. Clear target group definitions, well-designed advertising channels and conversion insights will help you achieve great results.

Content – ​​How do you convince visitors?

The power of content in all its subtleties is often underestimated. Receiving visitors to your website can be quite an effort that requires a lot of attention. Looking critically at your own message and its visual packaging will help to better showcase your company.

Clearly state the benefits for customers, be distinctive and spend sufficient time on design and good texts. These factors have a major impact on your persuasiveness and your eventual conversion rate.

Conversion – How do you measure results?

Measuring online results does not have to take a lot of time. Your website often provides enough starting points to map these results in an insightful way. A well-designed Google Analytics profile and a basic dashboard can help you as an entrepreneur or marketer enormously to obtain insights and to manage them.

Based on your campaign results, your website visit and your content, you can work on optimizing your conversion figures. Do you want more leads, do you want more sales, do you want visitors to stay on your website longer? You can influence and optimize all these objectives based on good insights.

Community – How do you ensure a continuous relationship with customers?

Social media use can provide great results for almost any company. A good structure and content planning in combination with beautiful and distinctive content often ensures that these results are achieved.

You can choose to be active on any platform, or be smart about it and deploy as much content as possible on a selective number of channels. Evaluate your use of social media at periodic moments; does it yield enough or does it take (too) much time? Then see how you can get started with your followers and fans in an even more targeted way.

Online Marketing plan – getting started

Do you have a good online marketing basis and a clear strategy for 2018 or longer term? Then name clear objectives per component: Campaign, Content, Conversion, Community. Manage per component on achievable objectives that contribute to the business strategy and spend your time, attention and budget in proportion to these priorities. In its entirety, this forms your online marketing plan for 2019.

This online marketing model can help you realize your ambitions, gain good insights and steer on priorities and good results. The model is also suitable for summarizing on a maximum of 1 A4 sheet or an Excel overview. This allows you to create your own online marketing dashboard. This ensures a good focus and steering on results.

Good luck with your online marketing plan! we are looking ahead for you. We know you loves this much because we have write it more consciously. This is the best practice that one can do for their best knowledge and information.

Want to know more about an online marketing plan?

Do you want to start for your company with result-oriented online marketing campaigns? Or do you want a fresh look at your online marketing approach. We have a lot of experience in devising, organizing and optimizing online marketing campaigns. Let us know what challenge you have.

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