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What details provide in the system status of the Tenda Wireless Router?

The Tenda Wireless Router provides you the best signal range which can reach anywhere in your residence area. It is perfect for replacing the old version of wireless extenders and routers from your house and provides a strong and stable internet connection. With its 6500 Mbps of speed, it can access anywhere and protect your internet connection from dead zones. The Tenda wifi router enables seamless roaming and you will experience the connection with a single name and wifi password. It is automatically connected to your device when it comes to its signal range whether you are inside or outside of your house.

The Tenda wifi router provides complete flexibility from MU-MIMO and beamforming technology. It provides you high-speed internet access to all of your connected devices and allows you to bring a bufferless and uninterrupted connection. At one time it can connect up to thirty devices. With the help of the secure Tenda network, it helps to protect your network. You can enable the WPA2-PSK encrypted secured protocol to get a more secured wifi network connection to your connected device. You can easily complete a setup by using a username and password.

Tenda Wireless Router System Status

The Tenda Wifi normal router lets you access fast internet speed with its enhanced wireless dual-band technology. It provides irreproachable wifi coverage all around your apartment. With the Tenda wireless app, you can have the access to use the internet connection from anywhere. But if you want to check the system status of the Tenda router then you are on the right page. In the system status you will allow getting the basic information of the router and its connection status, wireless mode of the router, the LAN status and the WiFi status, IPv6 status, and the system log of the router.

The router’s basic information

In the basic information of the Tenda router, you get to know about the uptime which helps to operate the time since your device is powered on. In the system time, it helps to know about the time of the wireless router. The hardware version, you get to know about the hardware version of the wireless router, and in the firmware version, you can get information about the latest updates and its procedure.

Router’s connection type

At this point, you can view the information related to its connection type and about the 3G or 4G network. The sim card status of the router tells you about the sim card status whether it is inserted into the device or not. The connection type allows you to know the internet connection status of the 3G or 4G mobile networks.  Signal strength tells you about the strength of the internet connection like its good, excellent, poor, or weak. The ISP and the mobile network provide you the information of the current network and the ISP name of the sim card. You can also get information like statistics, upload status, downloading speed, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, primary DNS of the router, and the MAC address.

Tenda Wireless router mode

In this type, you can view the information about the WAN port, connection type in which it enables the IPv4 connection of the WAN port. And the connection status, connection duration, IP address, subnet mask, the default gateway of the router, primary and secondary DNS of the router, and the MAC address.

LAN Status of the router

You can check the information in the LAN status like the IPv4 address, MAC address, and the subnet mask. In which it specifies the information like the IP address for logging into the router with its web user interface setup page. Also the LAN subnet and the MAC address of the wireless router.

WiFi Status of the router

In the wifi status of the system. You get the information of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual bands of the router. It also includes the encryption mode, visibility, hotspot name, and connection status of the Tenda router. It specifies the accurate information about which band is disabled and enabled. That tells you the wifi name of the router with the encryption mode. Much more information like the channel, bandwidth, and the router’s MAC address.

The IPv6 Connection Status

When the IPv6 mode is enabled it displays on your screen and you can check the basic information. Like connection type, WAN, and LAN address of IPv6. Also primary and secondary DNS information of IPv6.

Final Words

The Tenda Wireless router is inexpensive in terms of its cost. It can access all the areas of your apartment with the simple installation of the Tenda WiFi app. It is much better than the traditional extenders or routers. With its MU-MIMO technology, you can connect more than thirty devices. And it lets you stream games and movies without any buffering.

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