What Do You Need To Know To Extinguish A Fire?

Extinguishing a fire is not an easy task. We all know or at least we should know that it is essential to comply with fire prevention regulations and have the best fire extinguisher companies in Madrid to have this kind of equipment in good condition. It is also vital to know certain things to extinguish flames effectively. Keep reading this article about Cross Fire Extinguishers!

Extinguishing a fire: what to know

Simply, you have to know the 4 extinguishing methods that refer to the 4 factors that a fire requires to sustain itself. The first of these is the suppression of the oxidizer. Fire needs him to feed. Hence, removing it, it is simpler for the fire to go out. You can cut the oxidizer directly from the source or refrigerate the one around the fire.

Then there is suffocation, in order to eliminate the oxygen supply to the flames. It is achieved by covering the fire with a lid, in the same way as with a foam extinguisher that can be achieved in the fire extinguisher companies in Bangladesh. In closed spaces, if we find ourselves with a fire that we cannot supervise, it is best to leave the room leaving doors and windows closed.

Cooling is the third of the techniques and is based on reducing the propagation energy. For this, water is the best substance. There is always and, in all circumstances, to use it in an abundant way. Finally, the inhibition serves to break the chain reaction of free radicals, consisting of projecting the substance with a powder extinguisher on the base of the fire.

If any of these methods is applied successfully, the fire will be extinguished.

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All the components of a fire extinguisher

Knowing the operation of fire extinguishers is essential to be able to stop the advance of the flames in time in the event of a fire. But to know how to use them, it is essential to know what the system itself is like, that is, to know well the parts that make it up. Could you list each of the components of a fire extinguisher? If you hardly know that these devices have a hose, we recommend that you do not stop reading. Because as experts in sales and fire extinguisher maintenance, we are going to do a brief review of each and every part of a fire extinguisher.

The extinguishing Class A, the extinguisher used is the foam, for fires caused by wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. Generally, this type is the most used in private homes.

The extinguishing Class B may also consist of foam; However, this type of fire extinguisher is designed to put out fires caused by oil, gasoline or paint.

The extinguishers Classes C and D are not as common in homes. However, it is essential to know that these are indicated for fires caused by butane, propane or city gas.

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Know all the elements of fire extinguishers

Next, we are going to list the parts of a fire extinguisher conventional, without forgetting the important nuance that there may be variations from one fire extinguisher model to another.

  • Security seal
  • Lever
  • Fork
  • tank the cylinder
  • Hose
  • Siphon tube
  • Nozzle
  • Pressure gauge
  • Transport handle

Do you know what all these components present in fire extinguishers are for? We are going to explain the one that may be the most unknown to you: the pressure gauge. This is a system that has to be found in any type of fire extinguisher, since its function is to control the pressure of the pressurizing gas. How do you measure this pressure? Have you ever seen that there is an indicator needle on the top of the extinguisher?

The rest of the components of fire extinguishers are more familiar to most people, who will only have to worry about one thing: making sure that the extinguishers placed in their building are in perfect condition. For this, they must be subjected to periodic maintenance work, which can only be carried out by a specialized company like ours. If you need to know more about our fire extinguisher maintenance services, you can contact us without obligation. We are at your entire disposal!


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