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What is the best Wool carpet cleaning in Arlington VA?

Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA has been a specialist for cleaning wool rugs in the workshop and at home. With us, you will be assured of a high-quality wool carpet cleaning service! Our technicians are trained and also strictly comply with the safety and hygiene instructions issued by the government in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning woolen rugs requires certain precautions, but the benefits of installing a wool rug in your living room or bedroom are many. Decorative, robust, soft and providing superior comfort, the wool rug also offers a good degree of thermal insulation and soundproofing.

However, rugs get dirty quickly, especially in the living room, where we spend most of our time. Regularly exposed to coffee, wine, food stains, as well as the not always pleasant smells of our pets, wool rugs lose their shine and freshness in a short time. It is important to have wool rugs cleaned by specialists in the field. For optimal wool carpet cleaning results, we will bring them to the workshop for a thorough cleaning.

Since you have to react as the stains appear, you can count on Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA professional wool carpet cleaning services all year round. We are the ace to restore luster and softness to your wool rugs and to deeply cleanse your rugs.

With the right Carpet Cleaning Service, you can create a fresh, clean home that is free of harmful allergens like pet dander and dust mites. Carpet cleaning is no longer an optional service for most homeowners. Many, if not all, homes have real indoor carpets that need to be cleaned. One of the most important things is to choose a professional carpet cleaning company to work with.

carpet cleaning in Arlington VA

A new trend: shag area rug cleaning

Shag-style rugs have seen a resurgence in popularity and are now available at an affordable price. Often used as an element of decoration in the living room. Rugs are now found everywhere in the house, in the basement, in children’s bedrooms and even on the stairs as well as some businesses.

Most synthetic rugs cleaning can be done at home. This is definitely not the case with shag style area rugs. Often made of nylon, linen, wool or cotton, the fibers of this type of carpet can change their appearance drastically without proper cleaning. The long, thick fibers of the shag rugs make them particularly soft and comfortable for barefoot walking. However, it is precisely these peculiarities that make this type of rugs require special maintenance.

Thinking of cleaning your shag rug yourself at home? Big mistake !! Many of our customers call us after trying a home cleaning of their carpets and are very discouraged….. The fibers seem to be sagging and have lost their shine. The most common problem is the bad smell that the carpet retains, because this type of carpet is so thick that the drying takes too long and a smell of moisture permeates it.

At Arlington Carpet Cleaning VA, we have the expertise for cleaning wool rugs and all types of rugs in our workshop. Our cleaning products are all Eco-Friendly and natural-based. Our engineers are highly-trained, security-checked, experienced workers who really care about the job they do.

If you just have a tiny stain on your rug, we will be happy to come and give you an assessment. You may think you can remove it yourself, but if it is an expensive, antique rug, you probably do not want to take the risk of making it worse.

Quick-drying of rugs

After cleaning wool rugs, the rug is dried either flat or by hanging in our drying room equipped with powerful fans and dehumidifiers.

Protective treatment of the Teflon type can then be applied on request. A final inspection will be made to ensure the quality of wool carpet cleaning before packing and delivering it to you.

Finally, wet rugs and carpets can pose some danger. Indeed, walking between areas of wet carpet and hard floors can be dangerous. Moisture, as well as any soap or chemical residue left on rugs after cleaning them, can make shoe soles smoother and increase the chance of slipping.

Each carpet has its own cleaning method

If the drying time exceeds 24 hours, your carpets will risk becoming a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. In addition, rugs and rugs that are used before they have been dried completely stay damp. As a result, they absorb dirt faster which increases the maintenance cost. A situation that does not please customers, and they often end up blaming the supplier.

We also recommend the application of a premium protective treatment in order to preserve the good appearance of your carpet and thus protect your investment.

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