What Sets AdvancedMD EMR A Part From Others

AdvancedMD is one of the most extensive EMR Software for both small and large practices. AdvancedMD offers an EMR and Practice Management Software that can serve the needs of a wide range of medical specialities. The cloud-based interface makes it easier for you to access patient data anywhere through the web.

AdvancedMD reviews show that the software has transformed the healthcare system through its various tools and features.

Key Features of AdvancedMD Software

Advanced EMR and Practice Management system offers a variety of tools to streamline your clinical and operational tasks. Some of the key features include


The Advanced dashboard provides a quick view of administrative and clinical data. One significant feature is the ‘donut filter’ that represents visuals of specific data. For instance, upon clicking the Messages donut filter, your inbox will open.

Overall, the dashboard offers a comprehensive environment to organize your workflow.


Being a healthcare provider, it is crucial for you to keep a check on your appointment schedule. The calendar feature offered by AdvancedMD software allows you to view colour-coded appointment types. You can set the calendar at monthly, weekly, or daily view. If you have multiple setups, you can select which location you want to view on the calendar.

The calendar provides a quick overview of the patient’s name, address, and insurance, etc. You can also write notes related to each patient’s appointment.


AdvancedMD software allows you to send new prescriptions to your patient’s pharmacies electronically. This feature also timely notifies about any drug interactions or allergies. Advanced integrates with Surescripts that allows you to view patient insurance and review their past medications.


AdvancedMD allows you to create specific templates depending upon the appointment type. The templates are customizable to suit your personal preferences, and you can add them through text, hotkeys, or using the voice recognition tool.

Appointment Scheduling

This feature streamlines the process of setting a new appointment. It allows you to select an existing patient or register a new one with a single click. This feature also accommodates multiple locations and providers. 

A daily snapshot allows you to view your appointments assigned at each location. This feature also sends reminders via text, phone, and email to patients and providers before any scheduled appointment.


AdvancedMD also offers telemedicine which is an excellent alternative to in-house consultation, especially during a pandemic. Telemedicine allows you to deliver quality care to patients residing in rural areas. 

Medical Billing

AdvancedMD provides one of the most flexible medical billing features in the market that allows you to manage your practice’s revenue cycle efficiently. Advanced integrates with a few clearinghouses, the cost of which is already in the software’s subscription price. Moreover, the credit card integration enables quick payments of outstanding balances.


The AdvancedMD reporting feature provides an in-depth view of your practice’s performance and patients’ clinical data. The reporting feature also offers customized medical billing reports that help you improve the practice’s financial performance. 

The AdvancedMD practice management system also provides a specific financial dashboard that allows you to view details about claims paid and generated. The dashboard shows data in a color-coded form using pie charts and bar graphs, making it easy to understand. You can also create daily, weekly, monthly, or annual reports.

AdvancedMD Pricing

AdvancedMD has a very flexible pricing model as compared to other EMR systems. The fully integrated AdvancedMD pricing starts at $729 per provider, per month, including the complete EMR system. This package is known as Rhythm. You can also exclude the EMR system and subscribe to the practice management software only, for $429 per provider per month. The latter is appropriate for small practices.

AdvancedMD Demo

AdvancedMD offers a live demo that provides a detailed overview of the whole system. The demo makes it easier for you to analyze the features offered by Advanced Software.

AdvancedMD Reviews

Many healthcare providers streamline their workflow by using AdvancedMD. Most of them have reviewed the software on different websites. AdvancedMD reviews show an average user rating of 4/5. This rating is proof that Advanced provides an excellent and improved healthcare experience to its users. 

Overall, AdvancedMD reviews are relatively positive. The majority of the users appreciate the cloud-based interface provided by Advanced EMR. According to them, the software is user-friendly and offers various features which make it worth the price.

Our Two Bits About AdvancedMD EMR

Most of the healthcare practices require a fully integrated EMR and Practice Management system. AdvancedMD is an excellent option for your practice as it provides almost all of the features needed in a healthcare setup. It offers the most comprehensive EMR system as compared to other EMR software. Advanced pricing is also flexible and accommodates both small and large setups.

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