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When should I need to replace my Epson maintenance box?

Epson printers are all-in-one devices that are easy to use, deliver great results, and are suitable for everyday chores such as quality printing, copying, and scanning from photographs to homework tasks. Epson Inkjet Large format printer Ink Maintenance Box contains ink, which is discharged off the system while printing head cleaning. When the maintenance box has to be replaced, your printer and its software will let you know.

Only a small quantity of extra ink can be collected in the maintenance box. The printer is designed to stop printing when the absorbent capacity of the maintenance box reaches its maximum to prevent ink from leaking from the maintenance box.

The number of pages you print will depend on whether and how often the type of material you print is required and the number of cleaning cycles the printer does.

When you see a message to replace the maintenance box, prepare a flathead screwdriver and follow the on-screen instructions. The necessity to replace the box does not mean that your printer has stopped operating according to its specifications. The Epson guarantee does not cover the cost of this substitution. It’s a user-service component.

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How long does the Epson maintenance box last?


The Epson Inkjet large format printer tracks how much ink is sprayed into the cleaning station. It ensures that everything related to the waste got into the garbage tank. If you have ever had a blockage, the estimate is high. Some of the ink it was trying to spew remained in the cart.

Imagine you were completely stuck in your thoughts, a fresh set of ink carts, and a brand new waste tank. The Epson Inkjet large format printer ensures that every cleaning time, the whole ink it tried to spit out left the cart and now is in the waste tank. All that ink is still in the cart, but you can’t use it since the cart counter thinks it’s gone.

Do sufficient cleaning with a fully obstructed head, the ink carts are emptied, and the waste tank full. Every cart is still full, and the garbage tank is empty.

Can the Epson maintenance box be reuse?

  1. Remove your Epson Inkjet large format printer’s waste ink tank.
  2. Remove and discard the soaked pads of the plastic grid from the top (with a straight edge screwdriver or anything like it – it has to be store with snap tabs). Take care to avoid spilling when handling a full waste tank.
  3. Rinse the empty tank warmly and dry with towels on paper (get outdoors, especially the chip region, nice and dry before the printer is reinstall; it doesn’t matter inside).
  4. Take three towels and fold them into thirds along the length (so you have a pad of paper towels about the same size and shape as the tank).
  5. Put the towels in the empty tank loosely and clamp the plastic grid to the top back (the thick end of the tank facing the printer’s exterior says “EPSON” goes to the end).
  6. The chip resetter “ACC-RESETTER-LF” will reset the large-format cartridge chips refillable to read the entire and waste tank chip, read it vacuously in the printer.

How do you reset the Maintenance Tank Chip for Epson Maintenance Box?

A maintenance box stores ink washed out of the printer. When a printer anticipates that the box is complete, it will stop working until the box has been replace. Fehler warnings like “Epson Ink Pad is at the end of its lifetime” or “part of the printer’s lifetime has ended” are only a few examples of this issue.

Professional Epson inkjet large format printer, such as the Stylus 4000 and 7800, require a cartridge for maintenance tanks to absorb all surplus ink released throughout the printing process. These Epson Printers automatically track the amount of printing done to decide when new maintenance tanks are needed.

If you have replaced your Epson inkjet large format printer’s maintenance tank, you can reset the maintenance tank manually, but the device still states that a new one is necessary. This resetter is a hardware solution use to remove the maintenance box and reset the chip ink counter. The technique is easy:

  1. Remove the maintenance box and find the chip.
  2. Put the resetter in the chip and press down.
  3. Hold it for a few seconds and reset the counter to zero.

How can you clean Epson Maintenance Box?

The print head cannot be print or clean when the maintenance box is complete, but actions such as scanning which do not require ink can be perform. Follow the below steps to clean your Epson maintenance box:

  1. Ensure that the printer is off
  2. Remove from your packaging the new maintenance box.
  3. Raise the panel control.
  4. Use a flathead screwdriver at the box lid and remove the cover as illustrated.
  5. Capture the maintenance box and remove it from the holder.
  6. Screen the bag and carefully remove it.
  7. Put the new maintenance box in the holder and push it through.
  8. Insert the maintenance box in the product tabs as shown, seal the lid and tighten the screw to ensure it.
  9. Reinsert Cassette 2 and follow the directions on the screen.

How do I know if my Epson maintenance box is full?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to find out if the maintenance box is full:

  1. Click on the Windows Desktop and double-click on the icon for your product to the right side of the Windows taskbar. You can see such a window: Replace the maintenance box if necessary.
  2. Replace or reinstall the on-screen maintenance box or any ink cartridge.
  3. Note, Epson Status Monitor will not provide an exact status of the cartridge if any of the cartridges in a product is defective, incompatible with the product model, or improperly placed.
  4. To disable a low-ink recall, right-click the Product icon and select Monitoring Preferences in the Windows taskbar. You can see this window: Uncheck the checkbox See Low Ink Record notifications at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To disable promotional offers, select the option for Display Epson offers.

How to replace Epson Maintenance Box?

Please note that when replacing the maintenance box, the following measures need to be taken.

  1. Do not remove the maintenance box or its cover unless it is replace or ink may spill.
  2. On the side of the maintenance, the box does not touch the green chip.
  3. After removal, do not tilts the maintenance box or ink may leak.
  4. Please don’t touch the openings, or you can get ink on them in the maintenance box.
  5. Do not drop or submit the maintenance box to severe shocks.
  6. If you can’t replace the cover properly, it isn’t easy to install.
  7. Remove the maintenance box and replace it.
  8. Do not store the maintenance box at high temperatures or cold.
  9. It would help if you did not replace the maintenance box during printing; else ink will leak.
  10. Keep out of direct sunlight the maintenance box.

Suppose you haven’t done this before; it’s a bit difficult to find a maintenance box on these printers than on other Epson Digital printers. The first thing you have to do to access the board is to open the board. It doesn’t matter if you open it on the back because it is located on the side of the panel we have to reach.

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