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Which is the Cheapest Indian Grocery Store In Berlin?

Cheapest Indian Grocery Store In Berlin

Ever wondered which Indian Grocery store in Berlin provides the best quality and cheapest groceries? When you move to Berlin, time is needed to adjust to the surroundings. In the conditions you just cannot afford to hit and try mainly because the quality and over pricing are a main concern. But to solve your issue Dookan – the cheapest Indian Store in Berlin  provides the solutions to your problems in the most efficient way possible.

From the quality of the items to the pricing, everything is taken care of by them. You can always trust them for the most fresh and best items being made available to you. Dookan is the one stop solution to all your needs so that you can stay tension free and order from your comfort zone. – Cheapest Indian Grocery Store Online in Berlin

indian grocery online in berlin

Dookan provides the cheapest and the best items in Berlin, Germany. They are reliable players in the field and make sure you get timely delivery that pertains to your convenience and in the comforts of your home.

The store provides you the option of ordering while applying discount coupons and rebates. They also have app exclusive offers that allow you to save more and have more savings. 

You also get offers that allow you to bundle and buy the essential items. This allows you to save on things and get even more items on your budget.

They already provide you the products at a budget rate but the addition of the offers add to the effectiveness of the prices.

Buy Indian Grocery Online in Berlin from at Low Cost

indian grocery

Dookan provides Indian grocery online in Berlin Germany at the cheapest rates with the best delivery services. The best part is you don’t have to have a minimum order amount to get free shipping on the products. This scheme is applicable to all the customers whether it’s a new or the old customer. Any customer can use this facility and will get it every time he/ she decides to order from Dookan. 

Dookan – the Indian store in Berlin provides various fresh products (and by fresh, we mean really fresh!). Some of them we will be discussing down below but first, Dookan delivers at your preferred timing and allows you to have app exclusive discounts for extra benefits. Some of the products sold by dookan are:-

1. Okhra 

Dookan provides you with the freshest Okra (Bhindi) possible so that you eat healthy and stay healthy. Dookan provides you 500 gm of Okra at just 2,99 EUR whereas the competitors provide okra for rates as high as 250 gn for 2,39 EUR and as high as 2,20 EUR per 400 gm.

2. Turmeric

Dookan provides various brands of turmeric masala powders for reasonable prices. With brands like Everest, Patanjali, Heera, TRS, you are sure to find the comforts of cooking at your place. No other store provides these trusted brands and that too at reasonable prices. Here at Dookan, they always take care of the product quality and ensure that their consumers always get the best deals.

3. Papadum

Dookan provides many famous brands like Lijjat papad, Heera Papad, Madurai Meenakshi etc to give their consumers a choice to be spoiled. The papadums are on budget and allow for a great condiment to go with food! They also have papadums in various varieties which are sure to spoil you for choice.

4. Chapati Flour

Chapati flour is offered in many brands such as Pillsbury, Heera, Aashirwad etc. These brands are always close to the hearts of Indians and remind them of their home back in India! Various varieties and quantities have been offered to the consumers and they can choose anything in the comforts of their home and get them delivered at their doorstep.

5. Green Chilli

The freshest and the greenest chillies can be found here which will always add to your health and happiness. The tastiest product is added to the stock daily so that you get the freshest green chillies possible and can make yummy green chillies recipes.

They provide 250 gms of green chillies at 1,79 EUR whereas the competitors provide it at much higher rates. One of them provides 200 gm chillies at 2,39 EUR whereas some others provide 50 gm at the rate of 1,29 EUR.


Dookan is a place where you can get all the grocery items as well as premium items at a reasonable rate. They already offer the products at low cost and to top it all up, they offer various rebates, discounts and BOGO schemes so that you get the best products at the budget price. 

They also provide free shipping on all orders with no minimum order limit compulsion so that you can experience the best shopping. So, these are the reasons why we termed the best Indian Grocery store in berlin.

If you live in Germany, order from Dookan and see the difference in your budget. The savings are surely going to go up.

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