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Why Does The Wavlink Wireless Router Stop Working After Configuration?

The Wavlink Wireless Router provides the highest power with 1200 Mbps of high-speed. It is a dual-band router that helps to extend the WiFi networking range. You can impeccably enjoy 4K HD videos and can transfer large files to your friends and family members. Moreover, the Wavlink router can be connected to WiFi devices like Mac, Android devices, Playstation, smart TVs, multimedia players. Google home or many more. It is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa device. Also, it helps to eliminate the wireless dead zones by accessing all the corners of your residence. As it has 4 x 5dBi high gain adjustable antennas which can boost up the wifi coverage at maximum speed.

The Wavlink Wireless Router helps to expand the wifi by covering 1000 square feet of area without any interruption in the internet speed. It is super easy to set up. You can extend the wireless coverage with the press of the WPS button which requires mobile or computer configuration. Moreover, it does support the wireless router, universal repeater, and access points.

Wavlink Wireless Router Configuration Guide

The Wavlink Wireless Router is contemplated as the control panel of the Wavlink router device. It can increase the wireless network range and eliminate all the dead spots with the help of high-gain antennas. Moreover, the Wavlink router is the next-generation dual-band router. It helps you to enjoy a lag-free wireless environment so you can stream videos and games with your loved ones. To get all the benefits from the Wavlink router, you need to configure it first. In the following article, you will go through some basic configuration steps of the Wavlink router.

General Information before Configuration of the Wavlink router

The general information means some basic things you know while you are setting up your router. As the password of the wireless repeater is the same as the Wavlink router. You require more than 80% wifi range for a stable internet connection. If your router provides slow or poor wifi speed that may cause the signal to drop again and again. If the router provides a slow or poor wifi range then you can move closer to your connected device. The distance should be adequate between the router and the repeater. You can configure the router with your smart mobile device or laptop.

Steps for the Setup of the Wavlink wifi router

Here are the basic and essential steps for the setup of the router. Either you can use the WPS button for the meetup of the router or you can use the web user interface.

In the beginning, press the WPS button of the Wavlink router. After that wait for more than two or three minutes until the LED indicator of the Wavlink router blinks solid blue that indicates the connection using the WPS button is configured successfully. After that, open the router’s settings and search for the available wifi network. Now you have to select from the available list the wireless range connection and its connection type.

Login Steps using the Web User Interface

Make sure that your router has a stable internet connection. In the web user interface, it does not matter if you are using the Ethernet cable or wireless internet connection for logging into the web page of the Wavlink router. Now open the setup page of the router and then connect to the stable internet range. You can either use the Ethernet cable or wifi connection for the configuration.

Now unfasten the internet web page of the Wavlink router and type URL in the search bar. If it does not work then you can also use the default internet protocol of the router that is and hit the enter page. This step will access you to the login page of the router.

On the login page of the Wavlink router, you can clearly see two empty bars in which you have to provide the asked details like your default username and the wifi password of the Wavlink router. Make sure that the filled details should be correct and appropriate. Otherwise, it will show you an error. This is how you can simply do the login procedure of the Wavlink router.

The Wavlink Wireless router does not work after the configuration step now what to do?

This situation is very common that most of the Wavlink router users face after the configuration step. To get rid of this issue you can perform the hard reset of your router which can revert the default settings. For that press the reset button on the back panel of the device. You can use the pin or finger to press the WPS button and hold it for a few seconds and then release it. The reset of the device is done. Now you can set the settings according to you.

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