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Digital Marketing

Why Is Website Speed Important: 5 Effective Ways For Boosting Your Website Speed

What would be your course of action, if you’re trying to browse products on a website and it’s not loading optimally? Would you stay or turn to an alternative? Most people would not stay for sure. I have just illustrated a little fraction of why website speed is important and covered you up with 5 effective ways for boosting your website speed.

Before we go any further, look through the given points that imply the importance of website speed.

Why is website speed important?

Here are the following reasons why website speed is important:

  • Make a great impression
  • Good user experience
  • Rank on SERP
  • Increasing conversion rate 
  • Lowering bounce rate

Boosting conversion rate & decreasing bounce rate seem to be not a great deal. But, for businesses, even a little increase & decrease of conversions & lost customers impacts a lot. In Spite of website speed, other elements like the design of your landing page, quality of your images, and sales funnel strategies also play an important role in increasing conversions. 

If you’re willing to learn breakthrough strategies to expedite your business growth. Enrolling in the best institute for digital marketing course in Jaipur can be the greatest asset you can ever obtain for your business. From attracting new customers to retaining the existing ones will be way much easier if you could execute strategies that work remarkably.

Get on your way of scaling your online business by starting with optimizing the most important factor which obviously is website speed. Let’s walk through easy techniques for website speed optimization.

5 Effective Ways For Boosting Your Website Speed

46% of individuals hate waiting for website pages to load, and I’m one of them. Website speed can boost or kill conversions. If you don’t want to lose your potential buyers or downgrade your brand’s reputation due to having a website that takes forever to load. Follow these best ways of how to speed up web page loading time.

1. Analyze Your Website Speed 

When was the last time you paid attention to your website loading speed? If you don’t remember. It’s time to do a quick free website speed test. We’re not robots and checking the exact website loading time can’t be measured without using tools.

Get your website speed insight through free websites like page speed online, GT matrix, Octagate site timer, Pingdom tools, and web page test. Along with the website speed, these websites also point out errors that slowed down your websites & specific pages. Look through the errors, and try to fix them, and check the speed again. It’s up to 5 seconds, you’re out dire strait.

2. Compress Images & Files 

Using larger sizes images, videos, HTML & CSS files takes up a lot of space and slows down page loading. I know, all files & media are important, deleting them is not going to help.

But, for getting more space around you can decrease their size. For HTML, Javascript, and CSS code use websites:, code, and free 

Besides, you can also minimize your CSS, HTML, and javascript codes, this technique is known as minifying. You can easily minify your codes removing extra space, commas, and other unworthy elements.

And, for compressing images and for videos is the best free website you can use without losing the quality of your media files. Undoubtedly, this is the fastest way to make web pages load faster.

3. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Redirects 

Redirects are helpful for quickly fixing page errors. But, also imperative to keep an eye on. The slower loading of your website can be the result of unessential redirects. 

Check out the pages which include redirects and get rid of what’s not useful. Because, when a page redirects to another one, the user has to wait for one more HTTP cycle to be completed. I’m sure you don’t want your users to wait needlessly. Work upon providing your user’s a great browsing experience. 

For fixing errors & redirections first you need to detect the redirection on your website which will be helpful for. After finding the unnecessary redirects you can use debugging tools cURL and Wget to effectively improve your site loading time. Don’t you find it, one of the most effective ways for boosting your website speed?

4. Reduce Redundant Plugins

Plugins are important for a website’s functionality but it also drastically slows down your web pages speed. And, reducing less useful plugins from websites is one of the best answers to how to increase website speed.

Before you get rid of these plugins in haste, analyze which is actually useful and which one dooms to increase loading time.

Or, you can also use snippets, codes and find an alternative that is less in size and works as effectively as the plugin. This way you can make your website faster & increase user’s experience.

5. Leverage Cache Browsing 

Enabling cache on your pages is extremely beneficial for providing a faster browsing experience to the users. Multitude studies have shown faster page speed makes the user’s happy, increases conversions, and encourages them to come over again.

Let me clarify how cache actually works & helps to boost web page speed. Cache works as information storage for your website, as a customer lands on your website lots of HTML, styling, and other codes start to download and get saved in cache files. And, when the visitor comes across the same pages again their browser doesn’t have to download everything again and loads the web page faster.

Cache has an expiry date as well if you want to store your website’s visitor’s information for a long time.  You can set up an expiry date using Yslow. It helps to improve website performance by detecting the issues why website pages are slower. 


Website speed either reaps great benefits or scoots out your potential buyers. Even seconds matter a lot in website speed. 2 seconds delay can increase the bounce rate by 9%. Whereas, if website speed is less than 5 seconds it can increase conversions by 38%.

We want you to acquire more customers and lose none. Considering that, we have rounded up 5 effective ways for boosting your website speed. So, set out to find out what makes your website slow and implement these effective website speed optimization practices to improve your website page speed and make your visitors happy.

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