Why Search Engine Optimization Still Matters in 2021

Even before the worldwide epidemic, we noticed an increase in the number of individuals utilizing search engines to get information. Over 68 percent of all online encounters began with a search engine this year alone, with 3.5 million Google searches each day. Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important for getting your business recognized online.

These are the kinds of questions we confront as a digital marketing company every year.

Let me tell you, these concerns have never been more pertinent than in the last few years, with all of Google’s algorithm adjustments (Panda, Hummingbird, and so on) and changes to the Google search results page (SERP).

One of the primary difficulties is that the traditional SEO tactics that used to get results simply no longer work. Even well-known corporations with large budgets, such as J.C. Penney and, have seen a significant drop in organic traffic. SEO has evolved tremendously, and it now needs far more than simply having outstanding content.

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Let’s find out!

We can start by defining what SEO is:

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It is a series of changes and adjustments to your website that aim to drive organic (free) traffic by ranking high in Google search results.

Ranking high in search engines allows consumers to find your site when they search for terms relating to your industry (niche), brand, or products/services.

This brings us to the following question.

What is the significance of organic traffic?

1. Individuals ‘Google’ when they want to buy items or service

The majority of people will use a search engine to find information, products, or services when they need them. Before making large purchases, 81% of buyers undertake internet research.

2. Organic traffic is highly targeted

Organic traffic is highly targeted in terms of user intent users searching for keywords such as ‘auto repair shop Toronto’s are most likely wanting to get their automobile repaired. Google search operators result play a significant influence in both discovering a store or service and making a purchasing choice. The same is true for product-related queries such as “iPhone x 256GB,” in which consumers are searching to purchase this specific model.

3. It is more cost-effective Investing in SEO will provide long-term advantages

When you reach the top of the page, you will be able to enjoy being on the throne for an extended period (assuming you will continue to maintain your site).

4. Increased revenue

Higher rankings attract more potential consumers to your website. SEO makes it simple for consumers who are interested in your products or services to find your company.

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5. Organic rankings are essential for local companies

30% of mobile searches are connected to geography and 72% of consumers who conducted a local search visited a store within five miles. With strong Local SEO, your business will not only appear in SERPs, but people will also visit your store.

6. Future-proofing

With the advent of voice search and AI technology, you now have even more possibilities to be discovered organically.

7. Google’s authority

People believe that Google will return the best relevant results for any given search. As a result, the top ranking on Google search results receives around 21% of clicks, while the second and third positions receive approximately 10% and 7.5 percent of hits, respectively. As a result, ranking high will significantly increase your organic traffic.

Last but not least, owing to smartphones, consumers may locate your business at any time and from any location!

87 percent of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once every day, and mobile Google searches outnumber desktop searches.

People can find your company at any time or location, resulting in more visits and clients!

Because of this, organic traffic and Search Engine Optimization are more essential than ever!!!

And you can bet that any SEO expenditures are worthwhile.

So to answer your question yes SEO is still very relevant in 2021. SEO is now more important than ever! It’s still one of the most long-lasting digital marketing strategies. However, you need the right techniques to get the desired results for your website.

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