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WPC Certificate application form : Let’s take a look

WPC Certificate is a DOT issued license to those wishing to import wireless equipment for sale in India. As you can probably guess, the license process isn’t easy. Documentation aside, there are details in the application form that are too complex for a layman to understand.

But what if we make understanding the application form easy for you.

That’s what we’ve exactly done in this article. Let’s take a look at the WPC ETA certificate application form.

Overview of the application form

The application form is divided into three sections:

A: You have to fill the details of you – the applicant – in this section

B: In this section, you’d provide the details of your transmitter

C: In this final section, you’d provide the details of the receivers

Section A: Applicant details

There are three things you need to tell the WPC using this section:

  1. Applicant company: Here, the manufacturing agency – foreign one – that’s applying for the license, has to provide its name.
  2. Address of the agency: Provide the address details of the manufacturing company down to its street number. It’s a postal address so being detailed is something you need to clearly be.
  3. Product identification: The product you’re trying to import must have an identification number labelled on it. Provide details of the same. Read More: Money Wallet License

Section B: Details of the transmitter

Following are the information you need to provide in the section B of the ETA license application:

  1. Frequency range: It’s the operating frequency within which the wireless product works.
  2. Number of switchable channels: Within the product, there must be some presents – each indicating a particular frequency. Provide the details of the number of frequencies the product can switch between.
  3. Number of voice/data and TV Channels: In case the product you’re importing is a multi channel equipment like a Bluetooth radio, communicator or any other similar article, provide the details of the number of channels the product it has.
  4. Transmission and receiving separation: Provide details of how much separation is there between the transmitter and receiver components of your wireless equipment.  This information is only required in case of multi channel or duplex equipment.
  5. Frequency stability: Providing the degree of frequency stability the equipment shows according the test reports.

Harmonic / spurious radiations: Provide the following details :

    1. The carrier suppression rate(in case the product entails a career suppression system)
    2. Unwanted Side band suppression (in case the product contains a side band suppression system)
    3. 2nd and 3rd wave harmonic radiations: You can find the details about it in the test report.
  1. Maximum frequency deviation: No product is perfect. Thus, if there is some deviation from the intended frequency the product supposed to work at, provide the details of the same.
  2. Mode of emission: provide the details of how your product is emitting the frequencies.
  3. Bandwidth: Provide the details of the bandwidth of frequencies it’s emitting.
  4. Test tone deviation: Test tone is the pure tone with the standardize level that has to match on the receiver and transmitter ends to establish communication. Provide the details of the deviation from this tone.
  5. Base band frequency: In case of multi channel equipment, provide the details of base band – starting – frequency. Read More: Model Approval Certificate
  6. Type of modulation required: Provide the details of the modulation type required for the product to work perfectly.
  7. Pre-emphasis: How much increase in amplitude your product is design to provide to override noise.
  8. Power output: Provide details of the power output at the input of the antenna.

Section C: Details pertaining the receiver

Following are the details in the ETA certificate form that you have to fill in regards to the receiver:

  1. Range of frequency: the frequency range of the information the receiver is capable of receiving.
  2. Mode of reception: provide the details of the mode of reception of the product
  3. Spurious receiver response: What kind of response does the receiver gives when not getting valid data?
  4. Sensitivity: Degree of sensitivity of the receiver.
  5. Frequency stability: Degree of frequency stability.
  6. Effective noise temperature: A noise temperature is the noise power in a two port network.
  7. Threshold input level: Provide threshold level of input frequency.
  8. De-emphasis: The removal of access amplitude that was add by the transmitter to override noise.
  9. Selectivity: Provide the degree of selectivity – choosing between desired and undesired frequencies – that the receiver possesses.


We have simplified the details as much as possible. To obtain ETA certificate, you need to be thoroughly familiar with the product you’re importing. For further details, contact Registrationwala.

Do you think that wpc certificate process is too complex? Let’s have a look at the WPC certificate application form. If you have further queries, about ip1 license or any then contact Registrationwala.

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